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Weevil Vs. Joey: Who Has The Better Deck?

Weevil Vs. Joey: Who Has The Better Deck?

There are plenty of rivalries in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, but one character that seems to have problems with everyone else is Weevil Underwood, and it's easy to see why. He's constantly causing problems, cheating in his duels, and throwing Exodia into the ocean.

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But how are his dueling skills? He seems to be generally pretty good but hasn't defeated any of the main crew yet. Here's how his deck would stack up against Joey's in a head-to-head battle.

10. Joey: His Luck

Yu-Gi-Oh! Graceful Dice and Skull Dice cards

A lot of Joey's deck is made up of luck cards that can really change the flow of battle. This really shouldn't be the crux of a deck, but Joey's incredible luck sort of makes it worth it.

Cards like Graceful Dice and Skull Dice allow him to pull off some strong combos that can certainly come in handy when he needs them the most. Is this plot armor? Probably. Does it work? Absolutely it does.

9. Weevil: Better Archetype Support

Yugioh Weevil

Obviously, Weevil's deck is made up of only insect cards, and this is by design. Every card that he has in his deck makes sense and has a greater purpose. It isn't a huge stretch to say that Joey's deck is slapped together in the most haphazard way possible. There is all sorts of nonsense that doesn't need to be included, but still has a place in his deck regardless.

Weevil has a better understanding of archetypes than Joey and his warrior cards.

8. Joey: More To His Deck

Yu-Gi-Oh! Joey Yugi Tea

Because fans have seen more duels that include Joey than Weevil, they have a better sense of his entire deck. With that in mind, it seems as if Joey actually has a better balance of monster, spell, and trap cards in his deck than Weevil, which is an absolutely shocking thing to say.

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Weevil seems to have a heavier focus on monsters, but that's not to say that he doesn't have any spell or trap cards. In fact, the next point in his favor is about just that. He has a fantastic insect barrier combo that he uses.

7. Weevil: Insect Barrier Combo

Yu-gi-ọh! Joey vs Weevil

Weevil uses a card call DNA Surgery that allows him to change all of his opponent's monster types to insect. From there, he uses a card called insect barrier that stops all insects from attacking his side of the field, which can shut down the opponent from attacking at all.

While this combo could very easily be destroyed with exactly one Mystical Space Typhoon, no one seems to have that in their deck in the anime for some reason.

6. Joey: Gilford The Lightning

Yugioh Gilford the Lightning card art

Joey does have some strong monsters in his deck, and this includes a little card called Gilford the Lightning. Gilford is a two-tribute monster, but its duelist can tribute a third in order to destroy all monsters on their opponent's side of the field.

This is a pretty okay effect in the long run, but Weevil does have a bit of a swarming element to his deck that can really be pulled apart by Gilford in the right setting.

5. Weevil: Better Boss Monsters

Yugioh Weevil Boss monster

To be clear, Weevil's monsters aren't actually all that good in the real-life card game but are super talked up in the anime. As such, it has to be noted that his boss monsters, Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth and Insect Queen are great cards. These cards both cause problems for Yugi and Joey.

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Most of Joey's boss monsters, such as Red-Eyes Black Dragon, can't really stand up to these monsters. However, Joey does have one great monster that can certainly cause quite a few problems for Weevil and his combo plays.

4. Joey: Jinzo

Yu-Gi-Oh! Jinzo in the

Jinzo is a one-tribute monster that negates the effect of all trap cards while it is on the field. With 2400 attack points,  it can also be hard to beat over in the right circumstances.

Jinzo is an issue because it can lock players out of 1/3 of their deck, and specifically for Weevil, it will negate DNA Surgery, making his Insect Barrier combo useless. This card is going to be one that Weevil has to find a way to play around.

3. Weevil: Mostly Better Monsters, Overall

Yugioh Weevil

Joey does a strange little thing with his deck in which he uses normal monsters over effect monsters. As previously mentioned, all of Weevil's cards have a purpose in his deck, they make sense.

In Joey's case, if they swing a sword around, he's probably going to be using it. Overall, Weevil's monsters are likely to be stronger than Joey's.

2. Joey: Doesn’t Need To Cheat

Yu-Gi-Oh! Joey Wheeler

One thing that Weevil always does, unfortunately, is cheat in his duels. He stole the rulebook in Duelist Kingdom when he fought against Yugi and knew about the field advantages, and he snuck a card into Joey's deck when he dueled him to aid in his Insect Barrier combo.

Joey might be an iffy duelist in the long run, but he duels with honor. He's not going to cheat no matter how often his opponents might.

1. Weevil: The Seal Of Orichalcos

Yu-Gi-Oh! Weevil being destroyed

One thing that Joey never did was use the Seal of Orichalcos in his deck. Despite its soul-stealing properties, it did incredible things that really powered up whichever duelist used it. Weevil, meanwhile, had no qualms about adding it to his deck.

This card would have certainly come in handy if Weevil ever used it in a duel against Joey.


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