One of the most interesting characters to be first introduced in season five of the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime is absolutely Zigfried. He was an interesting villain that had a deck full of incredibly strong Valkyrie cards that had the power to take out even two duelists in a single turn.

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Zigfried's deck is full of cards that were once anime-exclusive, but have since been printed in real life. It's easy to see why these cards eventually did receive printings, as all of them are super cool.

10. Valkyrie Brunhilde

Valkyrie Brunhilde's Yu-Gi-Oh!

Of all of the Valkyrie cards that Zigfried has in his deck, this card is one of the strongest. While it was powered up by warriors and dragons on the field, it also had the unique ability to sacrifice 1000 defense points instead of being destroyed, which allowed it to stay on the field through a lot of pressure.

This card almost singlehandedly took out Kaiba and it took all of his dragons to take her out. That's one powerful warrior.

9. Golden Castle Of Stromberg

Yugioh Golden Castle Of Stromberg

While this card was most famously used by Leon in his duel with Yugi in season five, this card was also shown to be in Zigfried's deck, as well.

The Golden Castle of Stromberg is so cool because it was illegally modified by Zigfried to have a host of wildly powerful effects with a maintenance cost paid by the opponent, or Yugi, in this case. No other card has had this set of circumstances in the anime's history, which made it a standout card used in a very tense duel.

8. Valkyrie Dritte

Yu-Gi-Oh!'s Valkyrie Dritte

All of Zigfried's Valkyrie cards are incredibly cool, and Valkyrie Dritte is no exception. While the real-life version of the card is a lot more powerful than what was seen in the anime, a large portion of Zigfried's strategy powered up Dritte.

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Even if the card wasn't powerful, though, its status as a Valkyrie already makes it a much cooler card than most other monsters. They will hunt down any and all opponents, and while Dritte may only start out with 1000 attack points, each banished monster makes her more powerful.

7. Graceful Charity

Graceful Charity Censored  Yu-Gi-Oh!

Graceful Charity is literally just a cool card because of its wildly powerful effect, letting the player draw three cards from their deck as long as they discard two from their hand.

This card is much too powerful to be unbanned in the real-life card game, but it, of course, will absolutely be played in the anime, which Zigfried did to great effect.

6. Valkyrie Erste

Valkyrie Erste  Yu-Gi-Oh!

Valkyrie Erste is another one of Zigfried's Valkyries, and this one is armed with a particularly ravenous horse. Valkyrie Erste has the ability to remove monsters in the opponent's graveyard from play, with their attack points becoming hers for the turn. This also powers up Dritte at the same time, making her effect that much more useful.

This was one of the key Valkyries when it came to taking Joey Wheeler out of the competition.

5. Goddess Urd's Verdict

Goddess Urd's Verdict's Yu-Gi-Oh!

This card, along with Zigfried's other two goddess cards, essentially allows him to dismantle his opponent's deck turn by turn, as it forces monsters out onto the field that are then removed from play if Zigfried guesses their identity correctly, which he obviously does.

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This card is super cool because, together, the three goddesses are unstoppable. However, if separated, they can be close to useless. As such, they're a gamble to play that comes with a huge upside if the player does want to set all three of them to the field.

4. Valkyrie Zweite

Valkyrie Zweite  Yu-Gi-Oh!

Valkyrie Zweite, the Valkyrie that mercilessly attacked Kaiba over and over in his duel against Zigfried, is likely the character's favorite, as he had three copies of it in his deck.

The card allows the player to instantly destroy a monster once it is summoned to the field, which is certainly a useful effect. With 1600 attack points, it's also generally a respectable four-star monster.

3. Fortune Chariot

Fortune Chariot's Yu-Gi-Oh!

Fortune Chariot is a monster card that, when equipped to a Valkyrie card, allows the player to bypass opposing monsters in order to attack the opponent directly.

It is also destroyed instead of the Valkyrie in battle. This card is super cool because it acts as a vehicle for the Valkyries to use, and they can sacrifice it to stay in the game, making it a very useful tool for them.

2. Ride Of The Valkyries

Yu-Gi-Oh!'s Ride of the Valkyries

Ride of the Valkyries is a great card that calls all of the Valkyries from the player's hand onto the field. This card is what famously decimated both Weevil and Rex in the same turn after they summoned their two most powerful monsters onto the field in their first turns.

This card gets even more powerful when it is paired with the iconic Mischief of the Time Goddess.

1. Mischief Of The Time Goddess

 Yu-Gi-Oh! Mischief Of The Time Goddess

Mischief of the Time Goddess is an incredibly powerful card that lets the player skip straight to their next battle phase.

While this is already great, it's even better in Zigfried's deck, as all of the monsters that were brought out with Ride of the Valkyries actually remain on the field, giving him an edge.