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10 Best Dragon Decks In Yu-Gi-Oh!, Ranked

10 Best Dragon Decks In Yu-Gi-Oh!, Ranked

The overplayed, but still legendary Blue Eyes White Dragon makes the list. But what other dragon decks are the best in Yu-Gi-Oh!?

Yu-Gi-Oh!'s most supported Type in the entire game is by far Dragons. They are incredibly popular, and thanks to their numerous support cards, are among the best kinds of decks in the game. There are a ton of Dragon Archetypes that have appeared throughout Yu-Gi-Oh!'s history, with some standing out as the best in the game.

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There has been plenty of strong Yu-Gi-Oh! decks that utilized splashable Dragons, but these decks utilize nothing but Dragon Monsters as their main gameplan. Since there have been so many powerful Dragons that have come and gone from the metagame, these decks in particular are the best Yu-Gi-Oh! Dragon Decks in the game.

10. Odd-Eyes

yugioh odd eyes dragon and odd eyes lancer dragon card art

Odd-Eyes is a part of the deck of choice from Arc V's protagonist Yuya, and is a part of its own larger Archetype. Odd-Eyes utilizes a ton of Pendulum Monsters, and can make use of both generic Dragon and Pendulum support cards in order to make for a consistent strategy.

Odd-Eyes is incredibly versatile, with access to every kind of Extra Deck Monster with the exception of Links. By splashing in some generic Link Monsters, Odd-Eyes decks can flood the field with powerful Extra Deck Monsters to stomp out opponents.

9. Malefic

yugioh malefic stardust dragon and malefic world

Malefic Monsters spent a long time being more of a joke Archetype than anything. Due to their restriction of only being able to have one Malefic Monster on the field, they saw close to no play. However, with recent support, Malefic has become a solid deck choice.

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The Malefic deck uses Dark versions of famous Dragon-Type Monsters by banishing the original counterpart. Luckily, a lot of these are Extra Deck Monsters, making the deck very consistent. Recent support has allowed more than one Malefic to be on the field, allowing for powerful Malefic Dragons to flood the field.

8. Hieratic

yugioh hieratic spheres ands un dragon overlord card art

The Hieratic series of Monsters was one of the first solid Rank Eight engines for Xyz Monsters. Rank Eight is one of the best Ranks in the game, the only better one being Four, making Hieratic one of the best Xyz-focused decks in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Hieratic Monsters can utilize a ton of effects that Special Summon while advancing their game state. They are one of the few decks that want to run Normal Monsters, as the entire deck is focused around them. Since they can cheat out Monsters so easily, they're the best Rank Eight Xyz deck.

7. Dragonmaids

yugioh head dragonmaid and dragonmaid housekeeping card art

Dragonmaid is one of the most recent Archetypes, and has become incredibly popular among the player base. Each Dragonmaid card has a human form that can tag into their Dragon selves and vice versa.

The Dragonmaid deck is a solid Link engine, but can be played on its own just as well. Dragonmaids have solid negate effects that can shut down the opponent's key plays. It takes some patience, but Dragonmaids reward players who hold back negates for when they'll make the most impact. They're a new Archetype, meaning they'll likely continue to see support to improve the deck even more.

6. Dragunity

yugioh dragunity Vajrayana and dragons ravine card art

Dragunity was one of the first powerful Dragon-Type Archetypes that got released into the game, and still stands as one of the best. They're a powerful engine, but equally powerful and capable of performing on their own.

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Dragunity cards can very easily be searched out with generic Dragon support and their Field Spell Dragon Ravine that can also act as a Foolish Burial for Dragon Monsters. Dragunity can Synchro out a ton of their Boss Monsters, and set up a formidable field that's tough for your opponent to deal with.

5. Red-Eyes

yugioh red eyes black dragon and red eyes dark dragoon card art

Red-Eyes spent a long time in the shadow of the more popular and powerful Blue-Eyes, but thanks to multiple waves of support, Red-Eyes can stand up to its Blue-Eyes rival. Red-Eyes cards have a lot of ways to be searched out, allowing them the consistency that other decks dream of.

Red-Eyes also have multiple ways to play the deck. It can be played as a burn deck that has the potential to FTK (first turn kill) the opponent, as an aggressive deck, or even a control deck. Having access to Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon is also never a bad thing, as it's one of the best Yu-Gi-Oh! Fusion Monsters.

4. Chaos Thunder Dragon

yugioh thunder dragonduo and chaos dragon levineer card art

Thunder Dragons are a Dragon deck in all but the name, with the Thunder Dragon part being Thunder Monsters instead. However, the Chaos half of the deck makes up for it, consisting purely of Dragons.

Chaos Thunder Dragons are incredibly consistent, and with the Chaos support allows them to flood the field with power Dragon Monsters. Since they're all either Light or Dark Attributes, as well, they have even more access to some of the best cards in the game. Chaos Thunder Dragons don't even need their Extra Deck to be good, making them much better than their competition.

3. Blue-Eyes

yugioh blue eyes white dragon and blue eyes alternative white dragon card art

Blue-Eyes White Dragon has been around since the very first set of Yu-Gi-Oh! It's one of, if not the most iconic Monster in the game, and as such, as had a ton of support given to it over the years. As such, there's a ton of cards that led to Blue-Eyes being one of the best Dragon decks, even winning a Worlds event once.

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Cards like Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon and Trade-In, Blue-Eyes decks have incredible amounts of consistency, and are one of the most consistent decks in the game. There's a ton of ways to play the deck, as well, with Ritual, Control, and OTK variants.

2. Dragon Link

yugioh rokket tracer and boot sector launch card art

The Rokket Archetype was meant to be a Link engine, and it is one of the most playable ones in the entire game. They are all Dragon Monsters, and can utilize the many Dragon support cards that have been printed over the years like Dragon Ravine and World Legacy Guardragon.

Dragon Link is fantastic going both first and second, as they are capable of building a near unbreakable board with a ton of negates, or swinging in for a bunch of damage for a clean OTK (one turn kill) consistently.

1. Dragon Rulers

Yugioh Dragon Rulers

The Dragon Rulers are widely considered to be one of the best Yu-Gi-Oh! decks of all time, let alone the best Dragon deck. Dragon Rulers were so powerful, many of them are banned except for the Wind Dragon Ruler Tempest.

Dragon Rulers are one of the most consistent decks of all time, and have been slowly seeing themselves be given more freedom as they get freed from the banlist. They can flood the field easily, and proceed to go into powerful Synchro and Xyz Monsters. While they never got a chance to shine in the Link age, they'd be just as good a Link engine as they are for the other Extra Deck Monsters.


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