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Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul: The 10 Strongest Monster Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul: The 10 Strongest Monster Cards

These powerhouses possess tremendously high Attack and fortress-like Defense in addition to sometimes coming with devastating effects.

Like many of the video games in this franchise that have appeared on the Game Boy Advance, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul is packed full of diverse dueling action for fans of the original characters, storylines, and cards. With just over 800 cards, there are plenty of cool decks that one can build and experiment with while facing off against one's favorite duelists.

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Out of all these cards, there are a few that stand out as being particularly deadly when in the correct hands. These powerhouses possess tremendously high Attack and fortress-like Defense in addition to sometimes coming with devastating effects.

10. Barrel Dragon - Attack 2600 | Defense 2200

dark machine effect monster card.

Not only does this monstrous Machine have high combat stats, but it also possesses a dangerous effect that can counter any opposing monster without even engaging them in battle. With a bit of luck on the coin tosses, Barrel Dragon's effect can eliminate any foe that isn't protected.

9. Buster Blader - Attack 2600 | Defense 2300

earth warrior effect monster card.

A slayer of dragons who grows more powerful as the number of draconic foes increases. With just a single boost from their effect, Buster Blader becomes stronger enough to fell a Blue-Eyes White Dragon. That is if their effect is not blocked or if the Blue-Eyes itself is not also receiving a buff to their Attack. Regardless, this is a mighty Warrior card that can suit many decks.

8. Dark Sage - Attack 2800 | Defense 3200

dark spellcaster effect monster.

While this elder Spellcaster requires some specific things to be aligned to get summoned, they can at least be brought forth directly from one's deck after the effect of a Time Wizard resolves positively. Their appearance also allows one to search their deck for any Spell card, which grants infinite potential and utility.

7. Cosmo Queen - Attack 2900 | Defense 2450

dark spellcaster normal monster.

The most powerful Spellcaster in the game is she who presides over the stars and planets. The mysterious Cosmo Queen is also one of the mightiest regular Normal Monsters, coming second only to an iconic blue and white dragon.

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She is a great part of any deck intent on summoning the most powerful of Dark-type monster cards. There are also decks that specialize in bringing out Normal Monsters with less cost, which Cosmo Queen could do very well in.

6. Blue-Eyes White Dragon - Attack 3000 | Defense 2500

the legendary normal dragon monster.

The destructive paragon of Dragons, the strongest regular Normal Monster, and a legend in many other regards: the Blue-Eyes White Dragon. Its name alone conjures up visions of blinding devastation brought about by its base 3000 Attack; a number that sets the bar which distinguishes the strong from the overwhelmingly powerful.

5. Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon - Attack 3000 | Defense 2500

a parody of the legendary dragon card.

Equalling its original form in combat stats, the Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon is a form of the legendary pale drake that can only be summoned when the Toon World Continuous Spell card is on the field. In addition to being a powerhouse on the battlefield, this Dragon, like other Toon monsters, can attack the opponent directly, albeit at the cost of 500 of their owner's Life Points.

4. Black Luster Soldier - Attack 3000 | Defense 2500

earth warrior ritual monster card.

With stats that rival the Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Black Luster Soldier appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul as the strongest Ritual Monster.

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The stalwart warrior in dark armor can only be summoned by the use of the Black Luster Ritual Spell card and sacrificing monsters whose total level reaches or exceeds 8.

3. Black Skull Dragon - Attack 3200 | Defense 2500

dark dragon fusion monster card.

Surpassing the 3000 Attack barrier, Black Skull Dragon is a force to be reckoned with. Especially if their owner is using them in a deck designed to buff and summon Archfiend cards, which this Fusion Dragon counts as. While Black Skull Dragon is one of the most powerful monster cards in the game, its true potential is determined by when one summons them; near the start of the duel to rush a foe or near the end as a trump card.

2. Gate Guardian - Attack 3750 | Defense 3400

dark warrior effect monster.

Possessing gargantuan stats well above most other monsters, even those near and surpassing the 3000-barrier, Gate Guardian is a nearly impossible colossus to topple, however, their summoning requirement offsets their immense battle potential.

Needing to tribute 3 separate and specific monsters, that each need 2 tributes to themselves be summoned, means that bringing out Gate Guardian is always a time-consuming and obvious tactic that the opponent will see coming from a mile away. Be sure to have lots of Counter Trap cards and Quick-Play Spell cards ready to foil the foe's attempts to stop Gate Guardian's summoning.

1. Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon - Attack 4500 | Defense 3800

light dragon fusion monster.

This beast of unparalleled power shatters the 4000 Attack-wall that most cards never even see from afar. In addition, they possess enough base Defense to shrug off attacks even from the formidable Gate Guardian, meaning that the Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon is the strongest monster card in this game by far. They are a must-have for any duelists with a deck focusing on Fusion monsters, Dragons, or, in fact, any who simply want nearly-assured victory.


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