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Yu-Gi-Oh! 10 Cards From The Anime That Make Zero Sense

Yu-Gi-Oh! 10 Cards From The Anime That Make Zero Sense

The one place where Yu-Gi-Oh cards are more ridiculous than in real life is in the anime. In the anime, it's possible to pull off card summons that no remotely decent player would ever allow someone to do in real life.  Characters are able to summon monsters that don't even seem like they should exist, and use spell cards and trap cards that demand a player's soul or some other such nonsense.

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But those aren't even the worst of it.  Sometimes there are cards that straight up don't make any sense.  They break the rules of the game or make the game deliberately less fun despite being part of card types that are supposed to add more variety.  The worst are cards that straight-up could not work in real life because they're solely there to make gags and joke decks work.   Still, eventually, Konami will figure out a way to alter these cards to fit in the game.

10. Infernity Zero Allows The User To Keep Playing After They Lose All Their Life Points

Yugioh Infernity Zero

What if you won the duel, but your opponent just kept playing anyway? That’s what Infernity Zero allowed Kiryu to get away with. His opponent got his life points down to zero, but Infernity Zero ignored that to allow Kiryu to get a few more turns in. The game could only end after Kiryu had taken damage three additional times, gaining three “Des Counters” onto the card, destroying the card, and ending the game. Imagine the frustration of having to continue to duel someone you’ve beaten—how is this card fair at all?

9. Illusion Destruction Can Flip A Card Face-Down

Yugioh Illusion Destruction

This card was introduced during Aki’s duel against Misty in the first major arc of the series. It’s got a simple enough effect—take a card on the field that’s face up and flip it face-down. Why does this card exist at all? It’s a trap that has to be set for a full turn before it can actually do anything. What’s the point? Aki used it to flip a monster face down, which can be done by any number of cards, including the very legal Book of Moon.

8. Draw Paradox Allows The User To Draw At The Start Of Their Opponent's Turn

Yugioh Draw Paradox

Jaden goes up against Dr. Eisenstein in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and runs into this strange effect. The card stops players from using their draw during the draw phase and instead makes it so that the player draws at the start of their opponent’s turn.

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There’s a cute thing that can be done by playing this at the end of a player’s turn, but once that happens, the player is locked out of their own draw phase the following turn. Things instantly balance out unless the player can destroy it the following turn.

7. Quick Attack Lets A Fusion Monster Attack On The Same Turn It Was Fused

Yugioh Quick Attack

When Yu-Gi-Oh! first started, monsters summoned via the Fusion Deck weren’t actually able to attack the turn they were summoned. During Battle City, this became more of a problem as fusion cards were starting to make more and more of an appearance. But Kaiba came up with a way to get around this with the spell card Quick Attack, letting a fusion monster attack the turn it was fused. The only problem is, in the real game, this was never a weakness to begin with, and it went away after the Battle City arc.

6. Turn Jump Skips The Next Three Turns

Yugioh Turn Jump

Turn Jump is one of those incredibly specific cards that work within specific decks and don’t make any sense at all outside of those decks. It causes the player to skip their next three turns, and they have to do so manually. Both players skip three turns apiece and then resume play with the Battle Phase of the seventh turn after activation. It worked for Aster Phoenix’s weird turn jump mechanic, and that’s one of the only times players ever see it.

5. Surprise Attack From Beyond Doesn't Specify What "Beyond" Entails

Yugioh Surprise Attack From Beyond

There are so many things wrong with this card that it’s hard to know where to begin. It was used during Yugi’s duel against Marik, where Marik tried to get Ra to come back, but it’s phrased so weirdly.

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At the end of the player’s turn, it’s somehow Battle Phase again, and then they get to make a “surprise attack” from “beyond” using a monster that was normal or special summoned that turn. So the problem here is figuring out what exactly defines "beyond"? Beyond the grave? The banish zone? The card doesn’t actually say.

4. Action Crush Destroys All Of The Opponent's Action Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V Action Crush

The Action Cards from Arc-V were meant to spice up the duel. Most anime duels barely make sense anyway, but this kind of canonized how that worked. Sometimes characters would wind up with too many cards in their hand, but with Action Cards players could randomly snatch a card up that could change the flow of the duel to make it a more entertaining watch. Action Crush then would destroy all the Action Cards an opponent controls. This makes no sense because the whole point was to shake the game up—why have everything revert to normal?

3. Quiz Action - Trivia For 1000 Tests The Player's Knowledge Rather Than Actual Dueling Ability

Yugioh Quiz Action Trivia For 1000

Any time someone says a quiz card, know that it is absolute foolishness. With Quiz Action, the player was supposed to correctly solve a riddle. “Which is better to have the sun shining on it, the road or the sidewalk?” The player gains 1000 LP if they answer the riddle correctly, but takes 1000 damage if they miss it. Isn’t this game supposed to be about actual dueling ability? How on Earth did it suddenly become about answering riddles? The worst part is that there are Quiz Actions for other areas like Math and Science as well.

2. Skydiving Field Forces All Of The Players To Duel While Skydiving

Yugioh Skydiving Field

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL was completely bonkers. There’s no better way to explain than to simply state the card text: “All players must Duel while skydiving.” How would anyone even enforce this rule to begin with? Wouldn’t everyone have to already be skydiving for this to work? Are players expected to jump out of a plane after the card is played? What if a player doesn’t want to deal with this, but it’s played anyway? Do they automatically lose?

1. Quiz Panel - Slifer 10

Yugioh Quiz Panel – Slifer 10

Introduced in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX, this Quiz Panel raises a lot of questions. It’s a flip summon monster that makes the opponent answer a random problem within 10 seconds. If they can, the player takes 500 damage which is basically nothing. If they can’t, the monster attacking is destroyed and the player takes 500 damage. The problem in question? Do 20 push-ups in 10 seconds. Asking someone to suddenly do physical labor is the quickest way to make a card game unpopular, so no wonder this never became a popular archetype.


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