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Yu-Gi-Oh!: 10 Wildly Specific Anime-Only Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh!: 10 Wildly Specific Anime-Only Cards

Some Yu-Gi-Oh! cards were made exclusively for the anime and had enhanced abilities that increased their original power. Here are some of the best.

The Yu-Gi-Oh! anime has more than its fair share of incredibly specific and situational cards. Yugi and Joey's decks, particularly, had a bunch of cards, mostly Magic and Trap, that seemed to be designed especially to take them out of whatever trouble they happened to be in at the moment.

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Some Monster Cards were made exclusively for the anime, and generally, had enhanced abilities that greatly increased their original power. Additionally, some Traps and Spell cards were designed only to appear in fiction. And while this definitely made for a more exciting and intense viewing experience, it also made the duels seem more exaggerated and, at times, borderline ridiculous.

10. Jurassic Heart

Yugioh Jurassic Heart

This Trap card is only used once in the anime, by Rex Raptor during his duel against Joey. It allows the user to negate the effect of a Trap card used against one of his or her Dinasour-Type monsters, and then destroy it.

The card benefits a duelist with a Dinosaur-Type deck, like Rex's, but does little for anyone else. It's also incredibly specific in its use, and the fact that it is only activated once in the entire anime makes it one of the most forgettable Traps in the entire game.

9. Plasma Eel

Yugioh Plasma Eel

One of the many overpowered monsters that inhabited Marik Ishtar's deck, Plasma Eel is indeed a fearsome creature. This Machine's effect allows it to be equipped to one of the opponent's monsters, making it impossible to tribute, and decreasing 500 points of its ATK during each of the opponent's End Phases. On top of that, Plasma Eel cannot be destroyed by battle, making it absurdly overpowered.

This card is used prominently by Marik during his duel against Joey in the Battle City semi-finals. It doesn't appear again, though, which might mean it's one of the rarest cards that Marik possesses.

8. Brave Attack

Yugioh Brave Attack

Unlike any of the previous cards, Brave Attack is used twice, during two different duels. One of Yugi's more powerful Magic cards, it's also one that seemingly comes to him at the very last minute. He first utilizes it during his duel with Gurimo, the very first of the Waking the Dragons arc. He later uses it again in his rematch against Rafael.

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The card allows the user to add together the ATK of all his or her attack-position monsters and use it against one of the opponent's monsters. It does have a setback, though, because once his or her turn is over, the user must destroy all of the attack-position monsters on his or her side of the field.

7. Kuribabylon

Yugioh Kuribabylon

One of Yugi's most peculiar monsters, Kuriboh is a staple of his deck ever since the first season. The little creature is often mocked and insulted because of its seemingly little power, but it has saved Yugi more than once.

During the Waking the Dragons arc, the anime introduces the five Kuriboh brothers: Kuribah, Kuribeh, Kuribee, Kuriboo, and the original Kuriboh. Fusing them forms Kuribabylon, a creature whose ATK power equals that of the five brothers, combined. Considering Kuriboh's ATK is quite low, the most Kuribabylon can have under normal circumstances is 1500. It might not seem very impressive, but if the anime taught fans anything, is to never underestimate a Kuriboh.

6. Disgraceful Charity

Yugioh Disgraceful Charity

An incredibly situational Trap Card, Disgraceful Charity allows the players to add to their hands all the cards from their graveyards, that were discarded as the result of using a Magic card in the same turn. Disgraceful Charity cannot succeed alone, and it necessarily needs a partner Magic card to work.

During his duel against Seto Kaiba in the Battle City semi-finals, Yami Yugi, pairs it up with Card Destruction, which allows him to discard his entire hand, and draw a new one. He had already set Disgraceful Charity face down, and his goal was to increase the number of cards in his hand, to increase the ATK points of his Egyptian God, Slifer the Sky Dragon.

5. Gorlag

Yugioh Gorlag

One of Alister's main monsters, Gorlag is first seen during the former's duel against Seto Kaiba. Gorlag is a ridiculously overpowered fire monster with a couple of really cool abilities to compensate for its lackluster 1000 ATK and DEF.

Firstly, it gains 500 points for each face-up Fire monster in the field. Secondly, every time it destroys an opponent's monster, the user can Special Summon said monster to his or her side of the field, reviving it as a Fire-type and further increasing Gorlag's ATK. The anime clearly created this Fire fiend to give Kaiba a real challenge, and it worked.

4. Harpie Lady Sparrow Formation

Yugioh Harpie Lady Sparrow Formation

It's no secret that Mai Valentine's deck is packed with Harpie Ladies. It's her favorite monster, and she logically builds her entire strategy around it. She has all kinds of Magic Cards to enhance her decent-but-not-great monster and Traps to protect it, the rarity of which increase once she begins working for Dartz.

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Harpie Lady Sparrow Formation can only be used when the player controls two or more Harpie Ladies in the field. The card reduces the Battle Damage the user takes from an opponent's attack to zero, making it an incredibly valuable Trap to have.

3. Ragnarok

Yugioh Ragnarok

Now, this is a card that can only exist in the anime. To activate it, there need to be any two of Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, Dark Sage, or Magician of Black Chaos. As its name implies, Ragnarok allows the user to literally destroy nearly everything in play. All the user's monsters in the hand, deck, and graveyard are removed from play, and in turn, all the monsters on the opponent's side of the field are destroyed.

Yugi uses this card during his climactic duel against Yami Marik, to finally destroy the almighty Winged Dragon of Ra. And because Yami Marik was literally fused with the Egyptian God, the real Marik can recover control and vanish his evil part for good.

2. Arduous Decision

Yugioh arduous decision

Arduous Decision is a Magic card that appears in only one episode of the anime. It allows the user to draw two cards, and have the opponent select one of them. If it's a monster, it can be special summoned into the field, but if it's a Magic or Trap, both cards are discarded.

Joey uses this card in his duel with Johnson, during the show's Virtual World arc. It's exactly the card Joey needs to win the duel, since his only monster in the field, his Deck Master, Flame Swordsman, lacks the necessary power to defeat Johnson's Dragoness the Wicked Knight. Using Arduous Decision, he's able to summon Goblin Attack Force, equipping its ATK power to the Swordsman, and winning the game.

1. Underworld Circle

Yugioh Underworld Circle

Another last-resort card, Underworld Circle makes both players remove from play all the remaining monsters on their deck. Then, once per turn, each player can Special Summon one monster from their Graveyard. When a monster that was brought back by this card is destroyed, it needs to be removed from play, rather than sent back into the Graveyard.

Yugi uses this card during his re-match with Rafael, in which he re-claims his King of Games title. He activates it specifically to help Rafael break free of the Orichalcos' influence, by allowing him to see his beloved vanished monsters. The anime goes as far as to literally bring out projections of the monsters that surround the player, making it one of the ultimate exclusive cards.


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