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Yu-Gi-Oh! The 10 Best "Ghostrick" Cards, Ranked

Yu-Gi-Oh! The 10 Best "Ghostrick" Cards, Ranked

When it comes to Yu-Gi-Oh! card archetypes, very few cards have the ability to be both adorable and a little spooky like the Ghostrick cards. These cards do take a bit of practice to use, but they can be great at helping you win with multiple different strategies.

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With so many monsters, spells, and traps to choose from in this archetype, it can be a bit overwhelming to figure out which cards might work better than others. Whether you want to play a mill deck or win through a card's win condition, here are some of the best cards in the Ghostrick archetype.

10. Ghostrick Break

Yugioh Card art for Ghostrick Break from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Ghostrick Break is a normal trap card that lets you special summon 2 Ghostrick monsters in face-down defense position from your graveyard if one of your Ghostrick monsters is destroyed while face-up on the field. Some things to keep in mind with this trap is that it's used when only one Ghostrick monster is destroyed, and the cards that are special summoned have to have different names than the monster that was destroyed.

This is a pretty good card to have in a Ghostrick deck, because it makes sure that you still have a good defense lined up in your monster zones even when one monster is destroyed. Plus, unlike a card like Ghostrick Vanish, this trap works when a monster is destroyed by battle or a card effect instead of only working to protect from only one circumstance.

9. Ghostrick Ghoul

Yugioh Card art for Ghostrick Ghoul from Yu-Gi-Oh!

For those that want to be more aggressive with their Ghostrick cards, Ghostrick Ghoul helps with attacking your opponent rather than being defensive. With Ghostick Ghoul's effect, you can pick 1 Ghostrick monster on your field and make its ATK increase to the combined ATK of all the Ghostrick monsters on your field until your opponent's turn is over. The only thing that might hold you back from destroying your opponent with this effect is that it only lets the monster with the combined ATK actually attack during your turn.

Even with this partial downside, it's still a useful card. It can be especially helpful if you have a monster on the field that has a higher attack than most other Ghostrick cards, like Ghostrick Stein or Ghostrick Mummy.

8. Ghostrick Yeti

Yugioh Card art for Ghostrick Yeti from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Not only does Ghostrick Yeti have a decent defense at 2000 DEF points, but it also can help to defend other cards from being destroyed. When you flip up Ghostrick Yeti, you can pick 1 monster that's in the Ghostrick archetype and protect that card from being destroyed from your opponent's attacks or card effects.

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It's a pretty good card to have in a Ghostrick deck, and it's also arguably one of the cutest cards in the archetype too. While Ghostrick Yeti might look cuddly, don't underestimate its power to help win a duel.

7. Ghostrick Stein

Yugioh Card art for Ghostrick Stein from Yu-Gi-Oh!

When using Ghostrick monsters, some of their best ways of protecting themselves is with the use of Ghostrick spells and traps. That's where Ghostrick Stein can come in to help. Whenever this card does battle damage to your opponent, it lets you search your deck for a Ghostrick spell or trap and add it to your hand.

Doing battle damage with Ghostrick Stein is somewhat easy, depending on your opponent's monsters, because it has 1600 ATK. Even if you're not attacking with Ghostrick Stein on a certain turn, it's a good card to have if you're using a more aggressive strategy. It can help to protect and power up cards with effects from other monsters like Ghostrick Ghoul.

6. Ghostrick Go-Round

Yugioh Card art for Ghostrick Go-Round from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Ghostrick Go-Round can be one of the best ways to stop an attack, especially since it's a continuous trap card, so it can be used multiple times in a duel. During battle, you can pick from 2 effects. One effect changes one of your Ghostrick monsters to face-down defense position while changing one of our opponent's defense monsters to attack position. The other effect changes one of your Ghostrick monsters to attack position while changing your opponent's monster to face-down defense position.

With these effects, you can either stop a player from attacking by flipping it face-down, or ready one of your Ghostrick card effects by putting your card in face-down defense position to flip it up later.

5. Ghostrick Socuteboss

Yugioh Card art for Ghostrick Socuteboss from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Ghostrick Socuteboss has both an adorable name and a great XYZ effect. When other Ghostrick monsters are on the field, Ghostrick Socuteboss can't be the target for any attacks. Since this protects Socuteboss pretty well, you have more opportunities to use its XYZ effect without interruptions.

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To use the effect, you have to detach one XYZ material from the card but then you can destroy an opponent's monster if it has the same or fewer ATK as the combined ATK of all the Ghostrick monsters you have in play. The best part about this effect is that it stops your opponent from being able to place monsters in that Monster Card Zone where the monster you destroyed was set.

4. Ghostrick Parade

Yugioh Card art for Ghostrick Parade from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Each Ghostrick field spell can help for different strategies in this deck, but one of the most helpful is Ghostrick Parade. This spell card prevents both players from attacking monsters that are in face-down defense position, but they can both attack their opponent directly if every monster their opponent controls is in that position.

However, it also prevents opponents from taking any damage. Monster and trap effects can give you ways to get around this effect and attack your opponent, but it helps to keep you safe as well. As an extremely helpful bonus, you can search for any Ghostrick card from your deck and add it to your hand when your opponent tries to attack directly, letting you add more cards to your hand that can protect you during future turns.

3. Ghostrick Lantern

Yugioh Card art for Ghostrick Lantern from Yu-Gi-Oh!

When your opponent tries to attack your monsters or attack you directly, one of the best cards to use to save your LP is by using Ghostrick Lantern. As long as you have Ghostrick Lantern in your hand, you can special summon it in face-down defense position. This placement also negates your opponent's attack.

Ghostrick Lantern is a great card to look for when you can search your deck for cards. It's one of the best cards to use for protection since it completely negates an attack and it lets a defense position monster go to the field.

2. Ghostrick Skeleton

Yugioh Card art for Ghostrick Skeleton from Yu-Gi-Oh!

If you want to use a Mill strategy with a Ghostrick deck, one of the most important cards to have in your deck is Ghostrick Skeleton. When you flip up Ghostrick Skeleton, it takes the number of Ghostrick cards you control and banishes that same number of cards from the top of your opponent's deck.

Because this effect depends on how many cards are in control when it's used, it's best to flip up Ghostrick Skeleton last if you're flipping up other cards or if you already have some face-up Ghostrick cards on the field. As long as your Ghostrick Skeleton is protected and gets flipped face down at some point near the end of your turn, you can keep whittling away at your opponent's deck until you get a Deck-Out victory.

1. Ghostrick Angel Of Mischief

Yugioh Card art for Ghostrick Angel of Mischief from Yu-Gi-Oh!

At first, Ghostrick Angel of Mischief might seem impossible to summon with only Ghostrick monsters in your deck, since it needs 2 level 4 monsters to be XYZ summoned and there are no level 4 Ghostrick monsters besides this one. However, Ghostrick Angel of Mischief specifies that you can use one Ghostrick monster as XYZ material to summon this card too.

Each turn, you can attach 1 more Ghostrick monster to the card as an XYZ material, and if you get 10 cards attached to Angel of Mischief, you automatically win the game. You can also detach a material to search for a Ghostrick spell or trap card from the deck and add it to your hand. This may not be a quick win strategy, but it can be a very effective one.


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