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Yu-Gi-Oh! The 10 Best "Amorphage" Cards, Ranked

Yu-Gi-Oh! The 10 Best "Amorphage" Cards, Ranked

Yu-Gi-Oh! features a wide array of interesting Amorphage cards. Here's a look at the strongest, ranked.

In Yu-Gi-Oh!, there are lots of different archetypes to appeal to different players. Not only do the archetypes give players the option to create a kind of "theme" with their decks, but using multiple cards in the same archetype is usually a good way to get use some good effects with cards that work together.

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One archetype that's been popular among Yu-Gi-Oh fans is the Amorphage archetype, with mainly consists of Pendulum monsters that are named after the Seven Deadly Sins. If you're looking for an archetype that can give you an advantage in a duel, here are some of the best Amorphage cards you might want in your deck.

10. Amorphage Pride

Yugioh Card art for Amorphage Pride from Yu-Gi-Oh!

All the Amorphage Pendulum monster cards have an effect that prevents both players from Special Summoning monsters from their Extra Deck unless the Amorphage card is face-down or if a player is Special Summoning an Amorphage monster. However, where they differ is in their Pendulum Effects.

Amorphage Pride has a Pendulum Effect that prevents either player from taking effect damage while an Amorphage monster is being controlled. Just like all the other Pendulum Effects for Amorphage monsters, one monster must be attributed, or else the Amorphage monster must be destroyed. Amorphage Pride has no DEF but it has 1750 ATK, so it's not a terrible card, but it's not the strongest card in the archetype either.

9. Amorphage Lechery

Yugioh Card art for Amorphage Lechery from Yu-Gi-Oh!

With 0 DEF and 1350 ATK, Amorphage Lechery is even weaker than Amorphage Pride. The only thing giving it a higher spot on this list is its Pendulum Effect, ith prevents both players from using Spell cards and effects while there's an Amorphage monster on the field, unless that Spell is an Amorphage card.

This effect is a bit better than Pride's because stopping the use of Spell cards can prevent a decent portion of an opponent's deck from being used depending on how your opponent set up their deck. However, the main downside of this card is that you can't use any of your own Spells either unless they are Amorphage spells.

8. Amorphage Greed

Yugioh Card art for Amorphage Greed from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Amorphage Greed's Pendulum effect is nearly identical to the Pendulum effect of Amorphage Lechery, except Greed stops players from using non-Amorphage Trap cards instead of Spells. It has no ATK points, but it is a decent defense card with 1950 points of DEF.

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Once again, the thing to consider and plan with this card is that the effect stops you from using Traps as well if you're not using an Amorphage trap. Considering that there's only one Amorphage trap card, it's something to seriously consider before using Greed's Pendulum effect.

7. Amorphage Envy

Yugioh Card art for Amorphage Envy from Yu-Gi-Oh!

With 2050 DEF but 0 ATK, Amorphage Envy is an even better card to have to defend you than Greed is, and its Pendulum effect might come in handy more often as well. This card's Pendulum Effect prevents players from chaining activations or effects while the player controls an Amorphage monster.

Again, the only real downside is that this also affects you as the player. However, this can keep you from being overwhelmed or negated by your opponent, as they won't be able to chain any cards or effects that could stop any moves you make during a duel.

6. Amorphage Gluttony

Yugioh Card art for Amorphage Gluttony from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Amorphage Gluttony relies on defense like many other Amorphage cards, as it doesn't have any ATK points but has 1850 DEF points. With many different monsters that can deal harsh blows with their effects, this card helps to protect you from your opponent's monsters by preventing any monsters, except for Amorphage monsters, from using any of their monster effects.

While its rank on this list might be up for debate, depending on what kind of monsters that your opponent has in their deck, you're more likely to face threats in the form of monster effects than things like chained effects and cards. Because of this, it's a helpful effect to use over some other ones from Amorphage monsters.

5. Amorphage Sloth

Yugioh Card art for Amorphage Sloth from Yu-Gi-Oh!

This card's Pendulum effect is sure to slow down your opponent while being the first card on this list that could do some real damage. Amorphage Sloth has a Pendulum effect that makes it so both players can't add cards from their Deck to their hand from effects, spells, or traps while an Amorphage monster is being controlled.

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This means that players won't be able to draw any extra cards other than the one card that they get to draw during their Draw Phase. Besides that, Sloth also has 2250 ATK but 0 DEF, so it's not a bad card to have on the offensive. It is a level 6 monster though while the other monsters on this list so far have been level 4 or lower, so it'll need some tribute or special summoning help to get on the field.

4. Amorphage Goliath

Yugioh Card art for Amorphage Goliath from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Amorphage Goliath is the heaviest hitter in this archetype, with an ATK of 2750 (but 0 DEF) at level 8. If it wasn't already clear from other Amorphage cards that this archetype benefits from using a lot of cards with "Amorphage" in their name, Goliath's Pendulum effect hammers that point home.

The Pendulum effect of this card requires that all cards that aren't Amorphage cards be banished whenever they are supposed to go to the Graveyard. Since losing Pendulum monsters means more monsters wind up in your Extra Deck, and only Amorphage cards can be special summoned, this banishing effect is a great way to keep your own cards in play while preventing your opponent from gaining an advantage.

3. Amorphage Infection

Yugioh Card art for Amorphage Infection from Yu-Gi-Oh!

While it's not much, Amorphage Infection does give a slight boost to Amorphage monsters when it's activated. This continuous Spell card has the ability to give all Amorphage monsters an additional 100 ATK and DEF for each Amorphage monster that you have on the field.

The part of this effect that's really helpful is that when you tribute a card or one of your cards is destroyed, you can go through your Deck and add 1 Amorphage monster to your hand. Since all the Pendulum effects of Amorphage monsters require you to tribute a card or destroy the Pendulum monster, this effect paired with Amorphage Infection can help you gain something from Tributing or destroying by adding more Amorphage monsters to your hand.

2. Amorphage Lysis

Yugioh Card art for Amorphage Lysis from Yu-Gi-Oh!

This Trap is similar to Amorphage Infection, but it basically provides the opposite effects of its Spell counterpart. Instead of adding ATK and DEF to your monsters, Amorphage Lysis takes away 100 ATK and DEF from all monsters on the field based on how many Amorpahge cards are on the field.

Also, whenever one of your cards in the Pendulum Zone is destroyed, you can go straight into your Deck, find an Amorphage card, and put it in your Pendulum Zone to replace the Pendulum monster you lost. Placing a card right from the Deck to the field makes this card a bit more useful than Amorphage Infection since you don't have to put a card in your hand and wait until your next turn to use it.

1. Amorphous Persona

Yugioh Card art for Amorphous Persona from Yu-Gi-Oh!

This Field Spell is by far the best card out of all the Amorphage cards. Not only does it give all your Amorphage monsters a boost of 300 ATK and DEF on the field, but it also allows you to draw 1 card twice per turn if you have to Tribute an Amorphage card.

Amorphous Persona also works to Ritual Summon 1 copy of Amorphactor Pain, the Imagination Dracoverlord from your hand. The way to do this is to banish Amorphous Persona if it's in your graveyard, then Tribute any of the Pendulum monsters that you have until their levels equal 8, the same level as Amorphactor Pain. While this Ritual monster might seem random, it's actually part of the Dracoverlord archetype that is known for working well with Amorphage monsters in a deck.


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