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Yu-Gi-Oh!: 10 Of Kaiba's Anime-Only Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh!: 10 Of Kaiba's Anime-Only Cards

Kaiba had plenty of anime-only cards in his deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! that helped him to prevail in certain instances. Here are 10 of the most noteworthy.


When it comes to the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, plot armor is a pretty persistent aspect of the show. Characters need to win in order to advance the story. As such, sometimes specific cards are invented in order to make sure that the duel continues as planned. Every character on the show had anime-exclusive cards.

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As one of the most prominent duelists in the series, Kaiba had plenty of anime-only cards in his deck that helped him to prevail in certain instances. Some were useful, and others could prove to be quite the head-scratcher.

10. Sword Of Soul

Yugioh Kaiba with a gun pointed at him in Yu-Gi-Oh!

In the Battle City arc of the show, Kaiba used a card called Sword of Soul. This was a pretty weak monster that had no attack and 1900 defense. When it is destroyed by battle, though, it grants one monster on the field 1000 attack points for a single turn. Basically, that means that single monster might not be attacked for the rest of the turn before its points return to normal when the player is back up. So... useful?

9. Card Guard

Yugioh Kaiba's First Duel in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Another Battle City pick of Kaiba's is Card Guard, a spell card. This card allows the user to discard a card in order to keep their monsters safe from all types of destruction for the turn. This is a pretty useful card in a pinch. Considering that it blocks all forms of destruction is also very handy. It ensures that the player will have monsters on the board when their turn comes back up. Not bad at all.

8. Command Silencer

Yugioh Yugi Vs Kaiba in Battle City

Command Silencer is a handy card that can only be used when the opponent declares an attack. Once this card is activated, the attack is negated, and then, the player can draw one card from their deck.

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This is just an upgraded form of cards like Negate Attack. Considering Kaiba used that in his deck there was absolutely no reason not to use Command Silencer, as well. The ability to draw a card in Yu-Gi-Oh! is one that will always be powerful.

7. Quick Attack

Yugioh Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh! Dark Side of Dimensions

Quick Attack is a strange card that Yugi also had in his deck. The card allows fusion monsters to attack the same turn that they were summoned. The rule that they couldn't attack turn one was implemented in Battle City. Considering that this was never a rule in the real-life card game, what was the point of this restriction? It doesn't add anything to the show, so this card is pretty baffling overall.

6. Thirst For Compensation


Thirst for Compensation is a very specific spell, which is common for anime-only cards. This card can only be activated when the opponent adds cards to their hand by an effect. From there, the player can summon two level-four or lower monsters to the field in defense position, and they cannot change their position or be tributed. Why does this card need to exist? What a strange set of circumstances. Maybe if the player needs some defenses right away? Even so, odd.

5. Spell Sanctuary

Yugioh Yami Kaiba

Spell Sanctuary is yet another Battle City pick for Kaiba. It is one of the many wild cards that was used in his Battle City Finals Battle with Yugi. Legendary. This one changes the format of the duel in an odd way.

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When it's activated, each player can add one spell card from the deck to the hand, and as long as this card remains face-up on the field, both players can activate spell cards during the other player's turn. A very strange card that seems to be a lot more trouble than it's worth.

4. Magical Trick Mirror

YuGiOh Seto Kaiba

Magical Trick Mirror is a card that was used by Kaiba quite a few times throughout the show. It allows the player to activate a spell card from their opponent's graveyard when they're being attacked. The spell card designation is a bit odd, as traps would be more likely to help in this given situation. Nevertheless, it saved Kaiba quite a few times, such as in his KC Grand Championship duel with Zigfried.

3. Clone Dragon

Yugioh Blue Eyes Dragon

Clone Dragon can be special summoned from the hand after another monster is summoned. Its attack and defense points, along with the name, copy the originally summoned monster's right away. In order to attack, the user must pay 1000 life points. Overall, it's a nice little card to have in the back pocket in a pinch, but overall it isn't going to really change the course of a duel in any meaningful way. Using this on a boss monster is the way to go. Serious damage will go a lot further than how Kaiba used it on Z-Metal Tank. What at all was the point?

2. Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon

Yugioh Blue-eyes Tyrant Dragon

Blue-Eyes Tyrant Dragon is a strange one because it sort of existed as a card in the dub, but in the original anime, it was very much so just a regular Blue-Eyes White Dragon under the effect of Tyrant Burst Dragon. Either way, once this card is on the field, it can attack every monster the opponent controls once. In addition, it has 3400 attack points total. Not bad.

1. Charm Of Lamentation

Yugioh Young Seto Kaiba building his deck

Charm of Lamentation is another very specific card. Once activated, every time the player attacks and the opponent's monster isn't destroyed in battle, they can draw one card. This is so specific that it is basically useless except for one very specific situation that Kaiba of course found himself in. Sounds about right.


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