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Yu-Gi-Oh!: Joey's 10 Best Battle City Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Joey's 10 Best Battle City Cards

Joey's deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! is full of powerful cards (in terms of the anime's power level) that help him win duel after duel. Here are the best.

The most iconic arc of Yu-Gi-Oh! anime is Battle City, which is full of powerful duels, intense rivalries, and some great cards. One of the most iconic characters in this arc is Jumping Joey Wheeler who, along with Mai Valentine, technically defeated the main villain of the season, Marik. But plot armor sort of torpedoed that.

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Joey's deck is full of powerful cards (in terms of the anime's power level, that is) that help him win duel after duel. These, in no particular order, are some of his most impactful.

10. Red-Eyes Black Dragon

Red-Eyes Black Dragon in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Despite being a seven-star vanilla monster that only has 2400 attack points, Red-Eyes Black Dragon is Joey's ace, and it gets him out of some tough spots. Unfortunately, the card was almost never in his deck during Battle City.

It only makes an appearance on this list because it was included in the deck for a few episodes of the arc. Red-Eyes would return after this arc in Waking the Dragons.

9. Pot Of Greed

Pot of Greed in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime

Pot of Greed is a staple card in just about any anime deck, and it's easy to see why. The card is still banned in the real-life card game for being too powerful, so it makes sense that in the anime format, where no cards are banned, that just about every duelist would have it in their deck.

As such, Joey has it in his deck, where he uses it a variety of times throughout the season to refresh his hand.

8. Jinzo

Jinzo is easily one of Joey's most powerful cards, if not his most powerful. The card has 2400 attack points, matching Red-Eyes Black Dragon's attack points, requires one less tribute, and actually has an effect, making it all-around a much better card than Joey's ace.

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Jinzo deactivates all trap cards on the field, which can eliminate 1/3 of the opponent's deck when used properly. As such, Jinzo was an absolute powerhouse in Joey's deck and is easily one of his best monsters.

7. Time Wizard

Time Wizard is only on this list because of Joey's massive luck, meaning it is almost always going to land in his favor. When the card is activated, if the player calls a coin flip correctly, the opponent's monsters are all destroyed, which can win the duel on its own if the cards are correct.

As such, Time Wizard usually came in clutch for Joey whenever he used it, save for some Duelist Kingdom snafus.

6. Graverobber

Weevil Underwood Insect Queen Yu-Gi-Oh!

Graverobber is a trap card that Joey employs a few times that allows him to use a card from the opponent's graveyard at no cost. This was most famously used to destroy Insect Queen during his duel with Weevil Underwood.

This card is one that should have been used more often, as it is very powerful. Unfortunately, it was a card that he only used here and there, and pretty sparingly overall.

5. Gilford The Lightning

Gilford the Lightning card art from Yu-Gi-Oh!

Gilford the Lightning is Joey's most powerful monster in terms of raw attack points, clocking in at 2800. It also has an additional effect that while not great, can be pretty useful under the right circumstances.

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The card only requires two tributes. However, the player can choose to tribute an additional monster in order to wipe out the opponent's monsters. This can be a really useful effect to wipe out some of the player's hard to destroy monsters. At least, back in the day, it would have been good ... in the anime.

4. Scapegoat

Scapegoat isn't really all that great of a card, but it worked for Joey plenty of times. Whether he was using it to allow Panther Warrior to attack, as tributes, or even just as a defense mechanism, Scapegoat was a card that Joey was able to rely on pretty often for whatever he needed it for at the time.

Why he would ever waste it on a card like Panther Warrior is questionable, but he was the one who made it to the finals, after all.

3. Fairy Box

Mako Tsunami

Fairy Box is an odd card in the anime, but it basically forces the opposing monster to play a game of whack-a-mole, trying to hit the opposing monster that is moving between holes.

When Joey used the card in his duel with Mako Tsunami, Mako was able to force the monster to come up by basically drowning it in the box. Sometimes actual card mechanics are just not a thing that applies in the anime and it's fun.

2. Rocket Warrior

Rocket Warrior is one of those cards that has five different anime effects. It can turn into invisible mode and weaken other monsters, something it did just about any time that it was called out to the field.

It's not that great of a monster, but Joey certainly put it to work whenever he used it.

1. Graceful Dice

Graceful Dice and Skull Dice cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime

Graceful Dice, which was often used in tandem with Skull Dice, was used to power up Swordsman of Landstar by multiplying its 500 attack points.

While it doesn't start out strong, it's able to reach up to 3000 attack points, which can make that monster rival the Blue-Eyes White Dragon -- kind of a power move.


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