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Yu-Gi-Oh!: Mai's 10 Coolest Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Mai's 10 Coolest Cards

Mai Valentine is a duelist from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! anime who is known for her Harpie Lady deck. Here are her overall coolest cards.

Mai Valentine is a duelist from the original Yu-Gi-Oh! anime who is known for her Harpie Lady deck. It is filled to the brim with powerful monsters who swarm the field and cause huge problems for their opponent, and a lot of them look pretty cool while doing so.

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While Mai might not have dueled as much as the main characters of the series, she certainly had some pretty cool moments in her battles. The following list is in no particular order.

10. Harpie Lady

Yugioh Harpie Lady

The original Harpie Lady is a pretty cool card to begin with. It starts out looking like a pretty weak normal monster with nothing to really help it stand out against the crowd.

However, it has a ton of support cards that turns it into an absolute beast, which is pretty cool to watch go down. One of these support cards is Cyber Shield, which turns the monster into Cyber Harpie Lady.

9. Cyber Harpie Lady

Yugioh Cyber Harpie

Cyber Harpie Lady is, as expected, a Harpie Lady that comes pre-equipped with Cyber Shield, giving it an attack boost right off the bat. Cyber Harpie Lady's got a bit of a darker color scheme than the original Harpie Lady, which helps her to stand out as she takes out her opponent's with grace.

While one Cyber Harpie might be a challenge, to begin with, how does three for the price of one sound?

8. Elegant Egotists

Yugioh Harpie Lady Sisters

When Mai uses her incredibly powerful Elegant Egotist card, it multiplies her original Harpie Lady into three copies, all of which retain the upgrades that the original Harpie Lady received before the card was used.

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All of the Harpie Lady Sisters have a bit of a different look to them, with different wing colors and hair. They all still look super striking, as well, which makes this one of Mai's coolest cards without a doubt.

7. Harpie's Feather Duster

Mai Valentine in Yu-Gi-Oh! season one

Mai's Harpie's Feather Duster is cool just because of how powerful of a card it is. With one fatal swoop, it can be used to allow her Harpies to wipe the opponent's spell and trap cards from the field.

This is an incredibly powerful card even today in the real-life card game, coming off of the forbidden list only recently. Mai is incredibly smart to have a card of this caliber in her deck.

6. Harpie's Pet Dragon

Yugioh Harpie's Pet Dragon

Harpie's Pet Dragon is a massive dragon that gains attack points for every Harpie Lady on the field, which can make it incredibly deadly while paired with Mai's swarming techniques.

Even without a Harpie on the field, however, Harpie's Pet Dragon is incredibly fearsome on its own. That jet-black face and those bright green eyes spell trouble for all who attempt to harm its masters.

5. Mirror Wall

Mirror Wall in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Mirror Wall is a card that allows Mai to shatter the attack points of any monsters who go against it, and it looks pretty fire while doing so, too.

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Mai can easily spring this trap card on unsuspecting opponents before keeping it on the field, with each monster's attack points being cut on impact. If Mai's opponents want to try and take her down, they've got to get rid of this card first. Otherwise, they're done for.

4. Nightmare Tri-Mirror

Yu-Gi-Oh! Mai Valentine

While under the influence of The Seal Of Orichalcos, Mai used a card that allowed her to further multiply her Harpie Lady at rates that are simply obscene.

The unsuspecting tri-mirror folds out to reveal a massive number of Harpie Ladies, which is a sight that any opponent of Mai's should be scared to see. It also looks super cool while she's using it, which is why it earns a spot on the list.

3. Amazoness Chain Master

Yugioh Amazoness Chain Master

Amazoness Chain Master is a part of another archetype that Mai was fond of, the Amazoness warriors. These all-female warriors were combined with Mai's Harpie Ladies during her battle city days

and did quite a number on Marik during their duel. The Amazoness Chain Master is a sight to behold while she's taking down her enemies, with her weapon being one that will confuse and disarm her enemies before they know what has hit them.

2. Amazoness Swords Woman

Yugioh Amazoness Swords Woman

Amazoness Swords Woman is another Amazoness warrior who is a master in the art of the sword, gracefully taking down her enemies one by one. The purple details along Amazoness Swords Woman's outfit and weapon really help her to stand out.

Whether it is by the Harpie's claw or the Amazoness Swords Woman's weapon of choice, Mai is always able to easily slice through any and all opponents that try to step in her way.

1. Harpie's Pet Phantasmal Dragon

Harpie's Pet Phantasmal Dragon card art

Harpie's Pet Phantasmal Dragon is a retrained Xyz version of the original Harpie's Pet Dragon. While Xyzs weren't around while the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime was running, Mai used this card in 2013 during a scripted duel with Yugi, so it was technically in her deck at one point. This retrained version of the dragon is just as faithful to its masters as the original and will strike down all opponents with ease with its powerful claws (and pretty strong effects, not to mention).


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