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Yugioh 10 best monsters

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Yugi's 10 Coolest Monsters

Yugi Muto's deck from the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime might not actually be very "good" by today's real-life standards, but there's one aspect of it that is timeless - just how cool it is.

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No matter how it's cut, Yugi just has a really cool deck. It is full of monsters with super interesting designs both in their card art and how they look when summoned in the anime. These monsters always came to fight and style on everyone around them when they were summoned.

10. Buster Blader

Yugioh Buster Blader

It wasn't very often that Yugi summoned Buster Blader at all. Instead, it was much more commonly used to summon Dark Paladin, a fusion with Dark Magician.

Despite this, whenever Buster Blader came out of the deck solo, it was always a good time. The dragon-slayer has a fantastic combat-oriented design that viewers simply didn't get to see enough. However, Dark Paladin sort of outshines this card design-wise.

9. Gandora The Dragon Of Destruction

Yugioh Gandora The Dragon of Destruction card art

It's a shame that Gandora the Dragon of Destruction has such a cool design, because the moment it came out onto the field in most cases, it was already on its way out.

Gandora was a little Yugi card that could be used to basically just blow up the entire field, including itself. Thus, it never got much screen time, even if it was a great-looking card. Gandora did make a return in Dark Side of Dimensions, though, in a retrained version.

8. Lord Gaia The Fierce Knight

Yugioh Lord Gaia the Fierce Knight card art

Gaia the Fierce Knight has received many retrains over the course of its existence, and this includes Lord Gaia the Fierce Knight, one of the newer monsters in the archetype. This is easily one of the coolest of these monsters, as well.

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Yugi had this card in Dark Side of Dimensions, and it came prepared to duel. Lord Gaia the Fierce Knight comes in with two massive spears mounted upon a dragon. If you're going to come ready to fight, this is the way to do it. Stacked to the max with anything you could ever need.

7. Summoned Skull

Yugioh Summoned Skull

Summoned Skull was one of Yugi's first monsters, and it was a powerhouse in the early days of the game. It's got a great design, too. Summoned Skull is a gigantic monster with huge wings, a purple body, and a skeleton-like outer skin.

It's imposing and full of power. It's a shame that Yugi used this card less and less as the anime progressed. It will always be a stand-out for fans of the show.

6. Obelisk The Tormentor

Yugioh Obelisk The Tormentor

Out of all of the Egyptian God cards, Obelisk the Tormentor is easily the coolest of the three. Slifer the Sky Dragon is a glorified snake, and The Winged Dragon of Ra looks more like a chicken.

Obelisk the Tormentor, on the other hand, is a towering figuring that knows nothing but destruction. It's also got like, an 8-pack on top of everything else. Okay Obelisk, go off.

5. Dark Magician (Dark Side Of Dimensions Design)

Yugioh Dark Magician from Dark Side of Dimensions

If there's any Dark Magician design that is superior to the rest, it's Arkana's. Besides that, though, it's the version from Dark Side of Dimensions.

This version is the definition of dark. It's got a sleek black design and white hair and really does look like the ultimate wizard in terms of attack and defense. It's one of Yugi's favorites, but better than ever.

4. Dark Magician Girl The Dragon Knight

Yugioh Dark Magician Girl The Dragon Knight anime

Dark Magician Girl in a suit of armor seated on top of a gigantic dragon. What more could a duelist ask for, really? She's absolutely killing it.

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The standard Dark Magician Girl design is great and all, but riding on top of a dragon would elevate anyone's status, and she is no execption. These two make a great duo all-in-all.

3. Magician's Valkyria

Yugioh Magician's Valkyria in the anime

In a head-to-head competition with Dark Magician Girl in terms of design, Magician's Valkyria wins every time. This monster, which was only wielded by Yugi in the Pyramid of Light movie, is super sleek overall.

It's got everything that Dark Magician Girl has and elevates it, with more interesting colors to boot. It balances looking super cool and not being overdesigned perfectly. It's a shame that she wasn't seen more often.

2. Sorcerer Of Dark Magic

Yugioh Sorcerer Of Dark Magic anime

Just like Magician's Valkyria, Sorcerer of Dark Magic is a Pyramid of Light exclusive that is way cooler than the base Dark Magician, which this is a retrained version of.

This card has similar theming to the Dark Magician, but with a really cool blue and black color scheme. The scepter is a great feature, too. While this is a super well-designed magician, there is one card in Yugi's deck that does it just a bit better.

1. Dark Paladin

Yugioh Dark Paladin card art

The previously mentioned Dark Paladin is easily Yugi's coolest monster. Being the fusion of a magician and dragon-slaying warrior, it takes the best aspects of both of the monsters used to form it.

Awesome armor, a sword/scepter combo, and a great color scheme all come together to make Dark Paladin one of Yugi's most striking monsters.


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