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Yu-Gi-Oh!: The 10 Best Harpie Card Arts, Ranked

Yu-Gi-Oh!: The 10 Best Harpie Card Arts, Ranked

The Harpie Lady is an iconic Yu-Gi-Oh! archetype, and it is filled with some fantastic card arts!

Besides being notable for being used by Mai Valentine in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, the Harpie Lady cards are also known for their beautiful artwork. While there are plenty of stunning Yu-Gi-Oh! card arts out there, the Harpies always have a special quality about them that sets them apart from other archetypes. These majestic yet dangerous creatures of Greek Mythology aren't a competitive powerhouse but remain a fan-favorite archetype in the game. Today we're going to be taking a look at the ten best Harpie Lady card artworks. Let's get into it.

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10. Harpie Channeler

Harpie Channeler Yu-Gi-Oh!

Harpie Channeler is a fun Harpie Lady card that entered the game quite a few years ago. In the artwork, we see a Harpie with Black wings who seems to be enjoying herself. She's holding a staff and some sort of chains, perhaps for a dragon of some sort? Harpie Channeler has a white outfit that contrasts nicely with her black wings. She's really just living her best life on this card art. Good for her, honestly.

9. Harpie Conductor

Harpie Conductor Yu-Gi-Oh!

One of the problems that some of the earlier Harpie Lady cards had in the past is that their card arts could be a bit muted, with a darker color scheme seeming to be the norm for them. While this was fine for a while, it was nice to see some of the Harpies get a splash of color with their card arts. Harpie Conductor's white wings and colorful background really help to keep things fresh, and the black outfit that is fully insane for a bird-woman to be wearing helps to keep things very contrasted.

8. Cyber Slash Harpie Lady

Cyber Slash Harpie Lady Yu-Gi-Oh!

The newest Harpie on this list is Cyber Slash Harpie Lady, and she's on the list for similar reasons to Harpie Conductor, the colors are great.

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The purple feathers and pink hair pair great with the light lavender colors of the card's background. There are great contrasting colors all over this card, including the yellows all over the Harpie herself, and they all combine to be really pleasing to the eyes. Overall, quite the solid card art.

7. Harpie's Pet Phantasmal Dragon

Harpie's Pet Phantasmal Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh!

Now would you look at that, Harpie Channeler's chains did lead right to a dragon! Who saw that coming?

Harpie's Pet Phantasmal Dragon is the best Harpie Dragon card art out there, narrowly being out the baby of the bunch who is just so cute. In Phantasmal Dragon's card art, it looks like Harpie Channeler has stopped just kind of floating around and is now directing her dragon to attack someone who is in for a very bad time.

6. Harpie Oracle

Harpie Oracle continues the trend of swapping out the darker Harpie colors for some fun, brighter ones. With a blue, black and purple color scheme, Harpie Oracle really pops out of her card, and overall has a look unlike any other Harpie Card when it comes to her specific design. While she looks great, she overall starts to sort of look like all of the other newer Harpie cards when you take the background and motif into account, which can start to feel a bit samey.

5. Harpie Harpist

Harpie Harpist's colors, between her green wings and red hair, stick out in the best way possible. She's immediately identifiable through this trait, and that's not a bad thing at all. While she fits the motif of the newer Harpie cards, she also has a unique style from them that is all her own. This isn't the last that we've seen of Harpie Harpist, either.

4. Harpie's Feather Rest

In Harpie's Feather Rest, Harpie Harpist, Harpie Channeler, and Harpie Dancer are all just hanging out and vibing by the lake. Who is doing it like them?

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This card art is fun because it breaks the trend we've seen of Harpies on a generic background in a standard pose. Instead, a few of the Harpies seem to be having fun together, giving us a small sense of what their day-to-day lives might look like. Ah, to be a gigantic bird-woman playing a harp by the lake.

3. Harpie Lady Elegance

Harpie Lady Elegance is a fun card art because it's a throwback to the older Harpie Lady Sisters that began the archetype years ago. In this art, the three sisters are all together in their cyber outfits, holding their whips, seemingly ready to strike. There's a ton of great colors on this card that really help make it pop. It looks great.

2. Triangle Ecstasy Spark

Triangle Ecstasy Spark Yu-Gi-Oh!

Another appearance of the three sisters, Triangle Ecstasy Spark is a card that exudes pure power. The Harpie Lady Sisters in the art are working together to emit a gigantic, electrically-charged beam that is set to devastate whoever it's pointed at. While the card art is great because of the power being emitted that was mentioned earlier, the colors also pair perfectly together, too.

1. Harpie Perfumer

Harpie Perfumer is the best version of the newer Harpie art style that has been followed for years, with the Harpie of the card posing on a bright, pastel background. Every single color on the card adds to its appeal. It's bright, its fun, everything on the perfumer card works together to create a very harmonious artwork. While there are plenty of great Harpie card arts, this is easily the best of them all.


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