In 2014, the game of Yu-Gi-Oh! would receive an entirely new card type in the way of Pendulum Monsters. These cards had unique rules, with them being able to act as either a Spell card or Monster card. Along with this, Pendulum Summoning would come, allowing for multiple summons in one turn.

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The Performapal Archetype was the first Pendulum Archetype released, being used by the protagonist of the Arc-V anime, of which Pendulum Monsters debuted. Performapals were some of the strongest Pendulum Monsters in the game and part of the best deck Yu-Gi-Oh! has seen. Performage, despite having a different name, is also included as a part of the Performapal Archetype.

10. Performapal Seal Eel

yugioh Performapal Seal Eel

Performapal Seal Eel is often going to be going be placed onto a Scale, as a Scale Three is a great low one. This allows you to Pendulum a wide variety of Monsters in tandem with a higher scale Monster. When it's on the Scale, it allows you to negate any Monster on the opponent's field.

This allows you to negate a potential problem Monster in order to prevent your plays from being interrupted. The Monster effect can occasionally come up as well against backrow heavy decks, as being able to shut off a potential bomb is useful in a pinch.

9. Performapal Lebellman

yugioh Performapal Lebellman

Performapal Lebellman is one of the best Scales for the Performapal deck. This is thanks to its feature of being a Scale One, meaning it opens up the potential to Pendulum Summon just about any kind of Monster. In addition, while it's Scaled up, you can increase Levels on the field to make potentially better Xyz Monsters with your Pendulum Summoned Monsters.

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If Performapal Lebellman is on the field, it can help fix Levels as well, by altering both its own and other Monster's levels to allow them to Xyz or Synchro Summon, a staple of Pendulum decks.

8. Performapal Lizardraw

yugioh Performapal Lizardraw

Drawing cards has always been the strongest effect since the earliest days of Yu-Gi-Oh! So, a card that allows you to in multiple ways is fantastic. It has a decent Scale Level in Six, but its ability to draw cards by destroying itself is great. Since Pendulum Monsters go to the Extra Deck, you can follow this effect up by Pendulum Summoning it to further push card advantage.

If Performapal Lizardraw is on the field, it can potentially draw you a plethora of cards if the opponent doesn't focus it, especially if you have a lot of other Performapal Monsters on the field.

7. Performapal Guitartle

yugioh Performapal Guitartle

Performapal Guitartle is one of the most basic Performapal cards in the game but shows that Pendulum cards don't need walls of text to be good. If it's Scaled and there's another Performapal card in the other Pendulum Zone, you can draw a card for no downside. Its Scale of Six is not bad either. When paired with Performapal Lizardraw, you can essentially get a Pot Of Greed effect while pushing even more card advantage.

On the field, Performapal Guitartle can even fix your Scales, as it can increase them to make sure you can Pendulum Summon your high-Level Monsters.

6. Performapal Popperup

yugioh Performapal Popperup

Performapal Popperup is such a good card, even non-Performapal decks will make space for it. It essentially is a mulligan, which can set up your Graveyard while drawing cards to replace them to potentially spiral into a ton of card advantage.

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In a Performapal deck, it's even more amazing. Its effect essentially gives you an extra Pendulum Summon on your turn, and even then this is an optional effect. You could use it just to draw more cards to better set up a field. In any deck, but especially Performapal ones, Performapal Popperup nets you a hefty bit of card advantage.

5. Performage Hat Tricker

yugioh Performage Hat Tricker

Performage Hat Tricker pairs nicely with any Pendulum deck, as drawing into it after a Pendulum Summon is great. So long as two Monsters are on the field, you can Special Summon it with no strings attached. It's a Level Four Monster as well, the best Level for Xyz Monsters and can easily set up for solid Synchro plays.

Performage Hat Tricker is so good because there is rarely a bad time to draw it. Oftentimes, especially in Performapal decks, you will always have Monsters on the field, and an extra body will always be good in Yu-Gi-Oh!

4. Performage Trick Clown

yugioh Performage Trick Clown

Performage Trick Clown offers a ton of recursion to repeatedly recycle your cards to push your board state further. It only targets Performage cards but compliments this effect with how good Performapal Monsters are at getting on the field. Performage Trick Clown is great for Link Climbing, which modern Pendulum decks need due to Master Rule Five's rules on Pendulum Monsters.

Since it doesn't specify it has to be another Performage Monster, when it's sent to the Graveyard, Performage Trick Clown can Special Summon itself in order to help push Link plays all on its own to set up for your main Pendulum Summon, especially in the late game.

3. Performage Damage Juggler

yuioh Performage Damage Juggler

Performage Damage Juggler is an interesting hand trap. It helps to negate damage from effects and destroy the card that tried to, or negate the damage from the next attack by discarding it. While these effects aren't amazing, they can come in handy in a pinch.

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The part where Performage Damage Juggle shines is in its Graveyard effect. You can banish it to search out for any other Performage Monster in the game. Pendulum decks often rely on having a specific card in order to go off, so a searcher is fantastic, and what makes Performage Damage Juggler so good.

2. Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer

yugioh Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer

Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer is one of the most versatile Peformapal Monsters out there. It can be used as a fantastic low Scale with an effect that pumps other Performapal cards that get Pendulum Summoned for a quick OTK.

Its better effect would be its Monster effect, which allows it to pop two cards to search out two Performapal cards from the deck. A searcher is already powerful, but a searcher for Pendulum Monsters is outright broken, and why Performapal Pendulum Sorcerer is one of the best Performapal cards in the game.

1. Performapal Skullcrobat Joker

yugioh Performapal Skullcrobat Joker

Performapal Skullcrobat Joker is such a good card, it spent a while being banned, only recently being allowed to come back to the game as Limited. It's a high Scale for your Pendulum Summons, which can come up quite a bit, especially if you have a lot of high-Level Monsters clogging your hand.

However, Performapal Skullcrobat Joker is the go-to Normal Summon for not just any Performapal deck, but almost any Pendulum deck. When it's Normal Summoned, you can search out any Performapal Monster from your deck (as well as Magician and Odd-Eyes). On top of that, it's Level Four, making it the best non-banned Performapal card by a wide margin.