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Yu-Gi-Oh!: The 10 Strongest Orichalcos Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh!: The 10 Strongest Orichalcos Cards

Children's card games can get pretty wild at times. Life-endingly wild, even. That was exactly the case when the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime entered the Waking the Dragons arc. The season pitted the gang against Dartz, who used ancient magic to steal souls in order to bring a great evil to life.

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He accomplished this with Orichalcos cards. While the original Seal has been printed in the real-life card game, many of these cards remain exclusive to the anime, as they're far too powerful to be released into the card game. No one needs their soul stolen from a card game. The following cards aren't ranked in any particular order.

10. The Seal Of Orichalcos

Yu-Gi-Oh! The Seal of Orichalcos

The original Seal of Orichalcos is one of the strongest of the bunch. Besides taking the soul of the loser of the duel, it comes with a host of additional benefits. Every monster on the player's side of the field gains an additional 500 attack points, and monsters can be placed in the spell and trap card zone and cannot be destroyed until all cards in the monster zone are. That's a bit overpowered. Especially the whole soul part.

9. Orichalcos Deuteros

Yugioh Orichalcos Deuteros artwork
Credit: Gaia206 on DevianArt

Orichalcos Deuteros can be activated only when The Seal of Orichalcos is on the field, and it acts as an upgraded form of the seal. Besides the original effects of the Seal, once per turn, the player gains 500 life points for each monster that they have on the field. In addition, they can tribute a monster in order to destroy the opponent's attacking monster. A fine addition, but nothing all that groundbreaking.

8. Orichalcos Tritos

Yugioh Orichalcos Tritos's card art

Orichalcos Tritos is the final upgraded version of The Seal of Orichalcos, and can accordingly only be activated once Orichalcos Deuteros is on the field. This card is easily one of the strongest of the bunch. It shuts down all spell and trap cards that affect the player's monsters.

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Talk about a lockdown. This stops the opponent from using a pretty large portion of their deck for the entire duel, which is sure to put a stop to many plans.

7. Orichalcos Gigas

Yugioh Orichalcos Gigas card art

Orichalcos Gigas is a big ol' boy that starts with 400 attack points that can summon itself right back to the field when it is destroyed, though it cannot attack for the rest of the turn. Every time it does this, it gains an additional 500 attack points. The player has to skip their draw phase when this effect is used, as well. Sort of a long game with a terrible drawback, but as Dartz will always have an unnecessarily high amount of life points, it sort of works out.

6. Orichalcos Mirror

Yu-Gi-Oh! Orichalcos Mirror card art
Credit: Duel-Express on DevianArt

Orichalcos Mirror is the ritual spell needed in order to bring Mirror Knight Calling out onto the field after monsters equal to six stars are tributed. Mirror Knight Calling summons four tokens that are, essentially, immune to being destroyed once per turn. In addition, they copy the attack points of any monsters that they battles with. Sounds like a recipe for complete and utter domination, that's nice.

5. Orichalcos Aristeros

Yugioh Orichalcos Aristeros card

Orichalcos Aristeros is straight-up just an arm. Yup, Orichalcos Shunoros splits off and lets its arms do whatever it wants because rules. Orichalcos Aristeros cannot be destroyed while Shunoros is on the field. Any time an opponent attacks, the target is changed to this card, which has that card's attack points + 300. The shutdown that Dartz had in his deck, too much.

4. Orichalcos Dexia

Yugioh Orichalcos Dexia card

Orichalcos Dexia is, yup, also an arm. The other arm of Shunoros also cannot be destroyed if its main body is on the field. Similarly to Aristeros, this card will always have 300 more attack points than what it is battling with, except this card does the attacking, rather than absorbing like its sister.

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Truly two arms of destruction. We haven't even gotten to their father, who has the rest of the body.

3. Orichalcos Kyutora

yugioh Dartz's Orichalcos Kyutora artwork

First, though, is eyeball. Otherwise known as Orichalcos Kyutora. Essentially, Kyutora is a lightning rod for damage, absorbing all battle damage that its owner would have taken. While this is pretty solid protection for the player, Kyutora itself can be destroyed pretty easily. But that's the point, because once it's been destroyed, the player can summon Orichalcos Shunoros automatically.

2. Orichalcos Shunoros

Yugioh Orichalcos Shunoros card artwork

Orichalcos Shunoros is a card that can only be special summoned by Kyutora being destroyed. Its attack points equal however much damage Orichalcos Kyutora absorbed while it was on the field, which can be devastatingly high under the right circumstances. Once it's summoned, its arms immediately go to work and are summoned to the field, for some reason. Every time this card is attacked, it loses the attack or defense points of its target. Once it is destroyed at 0 attack points, Divine Serpent Geh is summoned to the field.

1. Divine Serpent Geh

Yugioh Divine Serpent Geh

Divine Serpent Geh has infinite attack points, logically. The card automatically reduces its owner's life points to 0, but they cannot lose the duel while this card is on the field. Divine Serpent Geh forces the player to send 10 cards from the top of their deck to the graveyard to attack. There's no protection on this thing, though, so its owner could actually lose very easily.


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