Appropriate for the name of this game, Yu-Gi-Oh! The Eternal Duelist Soul is full of factors that make this game feel comfortable and nostalgic; it is full of soul. Since this title was released for the Game Boy Advance in 2002, it has been played many times over by fans of the popular card game franchise.

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However, there are quite a few lesser-known aspects, such as many glitches and cheats, that can be abused to make some parts of the game ridiculous and fun in a different way than intended by the developers.

10 Duplicating Cards

Yugioh! Dupe frog

Some cards can be tricky to get a hold of, therefore making decks with multiple copies of a specified monster, trap, or spell card can be very challenging due to the game's RNG when placing cards into booster packs and event rewards. However, players can duplicate cards by abusing the trading mechanic. While players who are performing a link-trade with a friend in real life, both can hit the "trade" button at various intervals to trick the game into giving both people copies of both cards that were intended to be swapped.

9 Permanent Change Of Heart

Yugioh! Change of heart

Normally, the Change of Heart card can be used as a 1-turn counter tactic that can give a duelist a significant advantage. However, if used multiple times on the same turn, only the first monster that was taken control of will return to the opponent, allowing the user of Change of Heart to stay in possession of all others. Since this tide-turning card is limited to only 1 copy per deck, duelists seeking to abuse this tactic will need to use the effects of other cards to return the single copy to their hand to be played again on the desired turn.

8 Find The Egyptian God Cards Randomly

yugioh! obelisk the tormentor, the winged dragon of ra, and slifer the sky dragon.

The Egyptian Gods are the most powerful monster cards in the game by large margins and are usually locked behind criteria that are often tedious and time-consuming to accomplish. However, there are other ways than dueling one's fingers to the bone to acquire these divine-beasts. Obelisk the Tormentor can be found in the Green Millennium Puzzle booster pack, The Winged Dragon of Ra can be acquired from a Yu-Gi-Oh! Magazine event, and Slifer the Sky Dragon can be received in a Multi-Colored Millenium Puzzle booster pack.

7 Giant Trunade Trickery

Yugioh! Giant Trunade

Somehow, while the game was being developed, there were a few oversights when programming in the Giant Trunade card, for even though it will send all set spell and trap cards to the respective players' hands, it will not cancel the effects that some were applying to monsters on the field.

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For example, if Call of the Haunted or Snatch Steal is active and afflicting monsters, they will be returned to their owner's hand, but the monsters will remain on the field completely unbothered when they should actually be sent back to the graveyard or returned to their true owner.

6 Loaded Dice

Yugioh! Graceful dice

Both of these cards can be used to foil an enemy's attack during their turn; Graceful Dice via boosting one's monsters' attack and defense, while Skull Dice decreases the opponent's monsters' stats in a similar manner. Most of the time, how effective these are will depend entirely on RNG, however, there is a cheat programmed into the game that can allow the player to force a more desirable outcome. By holding down the B button when the card is activated, the dice rolls will be higher, and holding down A will make the outcome lower.

5 Rob The Opponent's Graveyard For Free

Yugioh! Graverobber

Normally, to play the spell card stolen from the opponent's graveyard via the effects of the Graverobber trap card, players will need to take 2000 points of damage; a steep cost to play a single spell. However, after acquiring the desired spell card, setting it first before playing it will not activate the damaging effect of Graverobber, allowing a duelist to use this handy effect without any repercussions.

4 Taking Advantage Of Poor CPU AI

Yugioh! Imperial order

Imperial Order's effects are fairly unique in that despite being used to prevent the effects of spell cards from activating, it allows them to still be played.

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For some reason, the AI of the CPU enemies will not register what this means and will play spell cards even though they will do nothing. This can allow one to force the opponent to waste all of their best spells, albeit at the cost of 700 Life Points per turn.

3 An Easy Way To See Every Card In The Game

Yugioh! Prohibition

While playing the Prohibition spell card, a unique menu will pop up that will allow the player to scroll through and search for any card in the game to select for this spell's effects. This grants a duelist the chance to see every card in the game (except the Egyptian God cards), which can be useful for those who want an in-game way to do some research instead of looking up a card list on the internet.

2 Search And Draw Specific Monster Cards Quickly

Yugoh! Sangan

Longtime fans of the franchise are likely familiar with the incredible searching power of Sangan and the Witch of the Black Forest cards. This great ability to draw specific monster cards from one's deck can actually be multiplied through a simple glitch. If Sangan or the Witch of the Black Forest have been returned to the field via cards like Call of the Haunted and Premature Burial, one can destroy the spell or trap card to throw these effect monsters once more into the graveyard to activate their effect, however, their effects will be triggered twice instead of just once. This can allow a duelist to perform insanely fast and deadly strategies, such as drawing all Exodia cards in only 1 or 2 turns.

1 The Impenetrable Wall Of Spear Cretins

effect monster that can be used to cheese the AI.

Despite the feeble stats, Spear Cretin is one of the most broken cards in this game, as its effect has clearly not been programmed properly. Its effect of special summoning a monster from one's graveyard actually does not remove that monster from the graveyard, meaning that one can essentially clone cards. Not only can this allow one to fill their field with a ridiculous force (like 5 Blue-Eyes White Dragons), but can also let a duelist create a near-infinite defensive line of Spear Cretins if one has 2 copies of this card, for they can target each other.