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Yu-Gi-Oh!: Vivian's 10 Coolest Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Vivian's 10 Coolest Cards

Vivian Wong, an anime-exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh! character that debuted in the KC Grand Championship arc. Here are her best cards.

Vivian Wong, an anime-exclusive Yu-Gi-Oh! character that debuted in the KC Grand Championship arc, is quite the interesting woman. While she originally enters the championship as an invited duelist, she's quickly knocked out by Rebecca Hawkins before taking a darker turn.

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She's in awe of Yugi and will do anything to duel him, including kidnapping his grandpa. During her duels with both Rebecca and Yugi, though, she uses some pretty interesting cards that prove she might actually be a talented duelist, despite her many losses. This list is in no particular order.

10. Gyaku-Gire Panda

Yu-Gi-Oh! Gyaku-Gire Panda and Vivian Wong

Gyaku-Gire Panda is straight up just a gigantic, violent panda standing on two legs. The card starts with 800 attack points but gains 500 additional points for each monster on the opponent's side of the field.

Additionally, the card inflicts piercing battle damage when it battles a defense position monster. Sort of an odd monster all around, but a fun one to see in action. This one was used in Vivian's duel with Rebecca.

9. Kung Fu Nyan Nyan

Yu-Gi-Oh! Kung Fu Nyan Nyan card art

Kung Fu Nyan Nyan is a monster that starts out with 1700 attack points. However, if it didn't launch an attack during the last turn that it was on the field, it gains an additional 300 for the turn during the standby phase. Once it does launch an attack, however, it loses this attack point bonus.

As this is an anime-exclusive card, it is unknown if this effect can stack after multiple turns of not attacking. Vivian used this in all of her on-screen duels. It certainly looks like it can pack a great punch.

8. Luminous Clouds

Yu-Gi-Oh! Vivian Wong and Lumionous Clouds

Luminous Clouds is one of Vivian's most important spell cards, as it is required to bring out her ace monster. In order to activate it, Master Kyonshee and Kung Fu Nyan Nyan both must be on the field. From there, both of these monsters can be tributed in order to bring out Dragon Lady.

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It's a bit of an ask to get these two specific monsters out on the field, but at the least, once they are, Dragon Lady can be special summoned from either the hand or the deck. It can't be denied this is one beautifully crafted card, and, speaking of Dragon Lady, she takes the next spot on this list.

7. Dragon Lady

Yugioh Dragon Lady Yu-Gi-Oh! anime card art

Dragon Lady is Vivian's ace card and has stats matching Yugi's ace monster, the Dark Magician, with 2500 attack points and 2100 defense points. No other cards can be special summoned on the turn that Dragon Lady is.

The card has the ability to destroy one spell or trap card per turn, but cannot declare an attack on the turn that this effect is used. The Dragon Lady is a powerful foe.

6. Thunder Nyan Nyan

Yu-Gi-Oh! Thunder Nyan Nyan card art

Vivian actually has two different Nyan Nyan women in her deck, that's a power move. This Nyan Nyan woman, though, actually has a negative effect, unlike her Kung Fu counterpart. Thunder Nyan Nyan is destroyed instantly if a non-light monster is summoned to the player's side of the field.

Still, together with her sister, this card reflects the fierce theme of Vivian's cards.

5. Flying Dragon Whirl

Yugioh Dark Paladin and Flying Dragon Whirl's Yu-Gi-Oh! card art

Flying Dragon whirl is an interesting card, as one monster on the player's side of the field is targeted by this card, and they gain 1200 attack points for the turn.

This card also sends four dragon monsters from the deck to the graveyard. It's a bit of an interesting card and it could be pretty useful in milling four cards straight to the graveyard.

4. Lightning Saber

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dragon Lady Vivian Wong

Lightning Saber is an equip card that grants the attached monster 300 attack points, but it also has a very important second effect. If the equipped monster destroyed another monster in the turn, it can attack a second time with half of its attack points, 1400 when it comes to Dragon Lady.

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This card was very useful for Vivian throughout her arc, as it allowed her to attack Yugi directly right after destroying Yugi's monster, which took a big chunk of his life points out.

3. Mystic Eruption

Yugioh Mystic Eruption Yu-Gi-Oh! card art

Mystic Eruption is a pretty basic spell card that simply inflicts 1000 points of damage on any player that had a spell or trap card destroyed during a turn.

This card fits the theming of her deck pretty well, continuing on the tradition of ornate, but powerful, cards.

2. Mystical Space Typhoon

Yu-Gi-Oh! Mystical Space Typhoon

Mystical Space Typhoon is a very common card that always packs a punch, very simply destroying a spell or trap card on the field of the opponent's choosing. This is never a bad card to have in the back pocket, and it does combo with Mystic Eruption pretty well.

In addition, it also fits the thread of powerful nature that runs through Vivian's deck. Practical and stylish, is also the best kind of combination. She used this one in the duel against Yugi.

1. Snowfall Sword

Yugioh Snowfall Sword Yu-Gi-Oh! card art

Snowfall Sword is a very specific card. It can only be activated when a warrior-type monster, that the player controls and has an equip spell attached to it, is attacking and the opponent activates a spell or trap card.

This card then destroys the spell or trap. It requires circumstances to be exactly right, but that's what makes it interesting.


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