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Yu-Gi-Oh!: Rafael's 10 Coolest Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Rafael's 10 Coolest Cards

One of the few duelists able to take down Yugi Muto, here are 10 of the most iconic cards in the arsenal of Yu-Gi-Oh!'s Rafael.

There are very few duelists in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime that can stand against the might of Yugi Muto, the King of Games. He's only ever been beaten a few times throughout the show, and one of those losses came at the hand of Rafael during the Waking the Dragons arc of the show.

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Rafael is a powerful duelist that uses his Guardian cards to overwhelm and destroy his opponents. A lot of his cards are actually pretty cool overall and help to showcase the raw power of Rafael.

10. Backup Gardna

Yu-Gi-Oh! Backup Gardna

Backup Gardna has only 500 attack points, but that's balanced by a whopping 2200 defense points. This card is meant to be a tough wall; it can discard a card in order to stay on the field when attacked, and it can switch equip spell cards between targets as it pleases. Of course, this card isn't one of Rafael's favorites. That title belongs to his Guardian monsters. He even used the next card on this list in order to revive all of his Guardians at once.

9. Soul Charge

Yugioh Orichalcos Deuteros artwork

In the anime, Soul Charge is a card that can bring as many monsters back from the graveyard as the player chooses at the cost of 500 life points for each one. Those monsters cannot attack the turn that they are brought back, however.

Rafael used this card to bring back all of the monsters that he had wronged in his duel with Yugi, though reviving all of these monsters caused him to lose the rest of his life points, and, as a result, the duel.

8. Guardian Elma

The Seal of Orichalcos in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Guardian Elma is one of Rafael's many Guardian cards, his favorite archetype that he uses throughout Waking the Dragons. Guardian Elma starts off with 1300 attack points and can only be summoned when Butterfly Dagger - Elma is on the field.

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Upon summoning, an equip spell card can be brought back from the graveyard and attached to Elma, powering her up from her lower than average attack points.

7. Crystal Seal

Rafael in Yu-Gi-Oh!

Besides having some great artwork, Crystal Seal is a pretty powerful trap card. Essentially, the card renders one of the opponent's monsters useless. It cannot do anything and can be completely bypassed by the player in order to attack directly.

The only way that this card can be destroyed is if the monster's owner can find a way to modify its attack points. Otherwise, it will remain imprisoned.

6. Guardian Grarl

Yugioh Rafael's Guardians and family looking at him

Guardian Grarl is another Guardian monster that cannot be brought onto the field unless Gravity Axe - Grarl is out on the field, just like Guardian Elma. Additionally, if this is the only card in the player's hand, it can be summoned without a tribute. With 2500 attack points, this makes it a pretty powerful summon, even if it only can be summoned under some pretty specific conditions.

5. Guardian Kay'est

Yu-Gi-Oh! Guardian Kay'est

Of course, Guardian Kay'est is another monster in the archetype that has a specific summoning condition. Guardian Kay'est can only be summoned when Rod of Silence - Kay'est is out on the field.

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Guardian Kay'est has only 1000 attack points, though it cannot be targeted for attacks by the opponent. This is a benefit, but also a curse, because, if only Kay'est is out on the field, then the opponent can bypass Kay'est and attack directly for some strong damage.

4. The Seal Of Orichalcos

Yu-gi-oh The Seal Of Orichalcos

Of course, The Seal of Orichalcos is one of Rafael's strongest cards. It has infinite power, charges up each monster with an additional 500 attack points, allows the player to play monsters in their spell and trap zones that are then protected by monsters in the front, and it can take the loser's soul at the end of the duel—among other powers. This card's power is key to Yugi's original defeat by Rafael.

3. Guardian Eatos

Yu-Gi-Oh! Guardian Eatos

Guardian Eatos is Rafael's ace card. Of course, just like the others, Celestial Sword - Eatos must be on the field in order for this card to be summoned. If there are no monsters in the player's graveyard, this can be special summoned from the hand.

Additionally, by destroying a Celestial Sword - Eatos equipped to this card, it can remove as many monsters from play from the top of the opponent's graveyard until a spell or trap is reached. The combined attack points of those monsters can be added to Eatos's already strong 2500.

2. Guardian Treasure

Yu-Gi-Oh!'s Legendary Knights Teaming Up

Guardian Treasure is an amazingly powerful card. While it does require the player to discard five cards, they can then draw two and then draw an additional card per draw. This is huge and can give a limitless amount of advantage to the player, especially when it comes to the anime.

1. Guardian Dreadscythe

Yu-Gi-Oh! Guardian Dreadscythe

Guardian Dreadscythe is essentially the undead version of Eatos, as it can only be specially summoned when Eatos is destroyed. From there, it can automatically equip itself with a Reaper Scythe - Dreadscythe.

When this monster is on the field, other monsters cannot be summoned, and previously summoned monsters are destroyed when this card is in attack position. Additionally, this card can avoid destruction if the player discards one card, instead. That's a lot of drawbacks for this card.



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