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Yu-Gi-Oh!: Leon's 10 Coolest Cards

Yu-Gi-Oh!: Leon's 10 Coolest Cards

From Golden Castle of Stromberg to Forest Wolf, let's take a look at 10 of Leon's coolest cards from Yu-Gi-Oh!

When it came to filler arcs in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime, the crew wanted to make sure of two things - the content was canon and the cards were absolutely not real. In every filler arc of the show, multiple characters would use decks full of cards that just didn't exist.

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One of these characters is Leon Von Schroder, the secret villain of the KC Grand Championship arc, brother to Zigfried Von Schroeder. He used some pretty interesting fairytale cards - and a lot of them were pretty cool. Here are 10, in no particular order, that were super interesting.

10. Golden Castle Of Stromberg

Yugioh Golden Castle Of Stromberg

Golden Castle Of Stromberg is an illegal card that Zigfried put into Leon's deck, packing it with a ton of additional effects that completely overpowered it. Chief among these were an inability to be destroyed by effects and a cost requirement of half the deck going to the graveyard, which must be paid by the opponent. The only way Yugi and Leon were able to destroy it was by Yugi not being able to pay the cost, as he only had one card left in his deck.

9. Globerman

Yu-Gi-Oh! Leon as a kid

Globerman is a big ol' green boy that can only be summoned by using a spell card to tribute a Tom Thumb. Then, Globerman can be summoned from the hand, deck, or graveyard. Beyond that, it has 2600 attack points, 2000 defense points, and doesn't do anything of note. However, it looks pretty cool, which is the only criteria to be on this list. As such, it earns itself a spot. Good job, Globerman.

8. Iron Hans

Yu-Gi-Oh! Iron Hans Card Art

Iron Hans is a card that has 1200 attack points and 800 defense points. A lot of Leon's cards share this trait - they don't have all that great of a statline, but make up for it with their various effects, just like Iron Hans.

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Once Iron Hans is on the field, it is able to summon out the next monster on the list, Iron Knight. Other than that, it has a pretty cool weapon, huh? Iron Hans means business. He brought an axe and a knight to the party.

7. Iron Knight

Yu-Gi-Oh! Iron Knight

Iron Knight has 1700 attack points to start. However, its only effect is that it loses 1000 if Iron Hans is on the field, the card that is able to summon it right away upon being brought out onto the field. As such, these cards are best used for materials for other types of monsters. Unfortunately, Leon's deck was created before the likes of Xyz, Synchro, and Link monsters, which makes this a bit harder to use in general.

6. Hexe Trude

Yugioh Hexe Trude

Hexe Trude really only showed up for five seconds before being blasted to smithereens by Dark Magician in the final turn of Leon's duel against Yugi, but she has a super cool design, and with 2600 attack points, she's one of Leon's strongest. Hexe Trude also gains 400 attack points for every monster that she destroys. It's unfortunate that we didn't get to see all too much of Hexe Trude, as she has a very distinct design from the rest of Leon's monsters.

5. Cinderella

Yugioh Cinderella

Cinderella, known as Prinzessin in its official TCG release, is one of Leon's most iconic cards, as he used her in just about every duel that he participated in. The card starts out with 300 attack points but brings a Glass Slippers out onto the field when she's summoned, which gives her an additional 1000.

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When Cinderella directly attacks, she can equip the Glass Slippers to an opposing monster, which then loses 1000 attack points and cannot attack Cinderella. When that monster is destroyed, she regains her Glass Slippers. Additionally, when Cinderella is summoned, she can special summon Pumpkin Carriage to the field.

4. Pumpkin Carriage

Yu-Gi-Oh! Leon and Yugi

Pumpkin Carriage has basically no statline with 0 attack points and 800 defense (in the anime), but it allows Cinderella to bypass all opposing monsters and attack directly, allowing her to transfer her Glass Slippers onto opposing monsters pretty quickly. Without this card, the effect would basically be impossible to use in general, as there'd be no monsters to transfer to if she's attacking the opponent directly.

3. Thorn Princess

Yu-Gi-Oh! Rebecca Vs. Leon

Thorn Princess is the card that Leon used in order to take out Rebecca Hawkins in their duel. The card must be special summoned through 100-Year Awakening and tributing Curse of Thorns. When summoned, this card allows Leon to take control of an opposing monster for no cost. Thorn Princess means business, she's quite the dangerous creature.

2. Seven Kid Goats

Yu-gi-oh! Zigfried and Leon Pitching an idea to Pegasus

Seven Kid Goats is straight-up just seven baby goats that can destroy an opposing beast monster and inflict damage equal to that monster's attack. That's literally it. It's just a herd of goats that can cause absolute destruction when used right. Honestly, that's kind of metal.

1. Forest Wolf

Yu-Gi-Oh! Rebecca Vs. Leon

Just like Cinderella, Forest Wolf was a constant for Leon's deck. It's a bit of an odd one, however. All monsters that it destroys are equipped to it, and when it is destroyed, all those monsters go back to the opponent's field. This just seems like a bit of a downside for a monster that really shouldn't require one in the first place.


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