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Yu-Gi-Oh! 10 Joke Cards That Are Actually Useful, Ranked

Yu-Gi-Oh! 10 Joke Cards That Are Actually Useful, Ranked

A game with such a massive card pool as Yu-Gi-Oh! is bound to have plenty of joke cards. The card designers sometimes like to have fun and make purposefully bad joke cards for their amusement.

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Joke cards generally hurt the player using them, either by giving the opponent an advantage or its user a disadvantage. Most players would never use these cards, but a handful of joke cards can actually be useful! With the right deck builds, certain joke cards can actually wind up having powerful effects. While these cards aren't meta-defining by any means, they can still be solid in many rogue decks.

10. An Unfortunate Report

Yugioh An Unfortunate Report

An Unfortunate Report seems like a card that would be incredibly hurtful to its user. It's a simple Trap Card that forces the opponent to perform their next Battle Phase twice. When paired with the Trap Card All-Out Attacks, a card that forces each Special Summoned Monster to attack, this can be used with Monsters with high Attack or Defense Points to force the opponent to crash their Monsters into them. This destroys them while hurting the opponent's Life Points.

9. Cold Feet

Yugioh Cold Feet

Cold Feet is a Spell card that prevents its user from activating any Spell or Trap cards for the turn. This is a play on the banned card Cold Wave, which prevents both players from doing so as well as making them unable to Set any. Cold Feet however is a target for Mystical Refpanel, a Trap Card that will cause the effect of a card that targets a player to affect the other. Since Cold Feet is a Quick-Play Spell, it can be used on the opponent's turn with Mystical Refpanel to stop the opponent from activating Spell or Trap cards themselves.

8. Fire Sorcerer

Yugioh Fire Sorcerer

Fire Sorcerer is an incredibly underwhelming card that when flipped Face-Up causes the player to Banish 2 cards from their Hand to inflict a low 800 Life Points to the opponent. It's a very underpowered joke card that normally never sees play.

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Many years after Fire Sorcerer's release, a Trap Card called Reverse Reuse was released. This forces 1-2 Flip Effect Monsters in the player's Graveyard onto the opponent's Field. This allows the player to put Fire Sorcerer on the opponent's Field and attack into it, causing the opponent to lose 2 cards from their Hand.

7. Foolish Revival

Yugioh Foolish Revival

Foolish Revival is a parody of the Limited card Foolish Burial. Foolish Revival is a Normal Trap Card that Special Summons a Monster from the opponent's Graveyard onto their Field in Face-Up Defense Position. Giving the opponent a free Monster may seem bad, but the position which it revives the Monster in is what makes it useful. Foolish Revival pairs great with Monsters that have Piercing Damage, most notably Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon. Paired together, this can practically guarantee a win with Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon's effect to do double Piercing Damage.

6. Convulsion Of Nature

Yugioh Convulsion Of Nature

Convulsion Of Nature does not seem like a card that would ever have any kind of use. It is a Continuous Spell Card with a rather silly effect. Convulsion Of Nature forces both players to flip their respective decks upside down and continue with the Duel. This means that the top card of both players' decks will always be revealed. It so happens that a powerful Archetype is built around guessing the top card of the opponent's deck in the way of SPYRAL. Convulsion Of Nature saw play in SPYRAL decks in order to guarantee the right card to use their powerful effects.

5. Self-Mummification

Yugioh Self-Mummification

Self-Mummification is a Quick-Play Spell Card that seemingly only harms its user. It forces its user to send a Monster the player has on the Field to the Graveyard with no additional effect.

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While this may seem bad, it can actually be useful in dodging effects the opponent uses. For example, if the Monster can be recovered from the Graveyard, Self-Mummification can be used to avoid the effect of Evenly Matched. Self-Mummification can counter effects that take control of the player's Monsters, as it can send it to the Graveyard so the opponent doesn't move it onto their Field.

4. Oops!

Yugioh Oops

Oops! is a Trap Card that has the simple effect to Target a Monster its user controls and destroy it. While destroying a players' own card may seem bad, this isn't exactly the case. Some cards want to be destroyed, and Oops! is great for taking advantage of this. Notable examples include Artifact Sytche and Geartown, both of which offer powerful effects when they are destroyed. While Oops! may seem like a weaker version of Mystical Space Typhoon, Oops! gets the extra bonus of being able to Target Monsters as well, enabling cards that float on destruction to be activated.

3. Gift Card

Yugioh Gift Cards

Gift Card is a very basic Normal Trap Card that simply gives the opponent 3000 Life Points with no additional effect. Giving the opponent free Life Points is usually something no one wants to do. That is unless it's paired with Bad Reaction To Simochi and Darklord Nurse Reficule. Both of these cards cause effects that would normally give the opponent Life Points to damage them instead. This means when paired with Gift Card, it causes a devastating 3000 Points of Burn Damage. This combo is good enough to bring Bad Reaction To Simochi decks to rouge status, and able to win before the opponent has a chance to play the game.

2. Gift Of Greed

Yugioh Gift Of Greed

Gift Of Greed was a joke card based on Pot Of Greed. It is a Trap Card that makes the opponent draw 2 cards. Card Advantage is incredibly important in Yu-Gi-Oh! so giving the opponent free cards seems terrible. However, where Gift Of Greed becomes fantastic is with Trickstar Reincarnation and Droll & Lock Bird.

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When the player activates Gift Of Greed, it makes Droll & Lock Bird live which prevents the opponent from adding cards from their deck to their hand. When Trickstar Reincarnation is activated, the opponent's Hand is Banished. By chaining Droll & Lock Bird to it, the opponent will be unable to draw any cards, leaving them with no cards in their Hand.

1. Broken Bamboo Sword

Yugioh Broken Bamboo Sword

Broken Bamboo Sword is an Equip Spell Card that causes the Monster to gain 0 Attack. This means that Broken Bamboo Sword doesn't actually do anything when equipped. Something so useless seems like it has no place in any deck, but many years after Broken Bamboo Sword's release, it would gain a use. The release of Golden Bamboo Sword made this joke card quite useful, allowing for a draw 2 effect to come out of using it. Card Advantage is always amazing, and Broken Bamboo Sword is a fantastic Draw Engine, making it the most useful joke card out there.


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