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Yu-Gi-Oh! The 10 Best "Frog" Cards, Ranked

Yu-Gi-Oh! The 10 Best "Frog" Cards, Ranked

Hippity-hoppity. Today we're counting down the best and most powerful frog cards that Yu-Gi-Oh! has ever seen.

There are hundreds of Yu-Gi-Oh! Archetypes in the game. With a game going on for so long, there are decks for just about any kind of playstyle. From Control decks to Combo, everything is on the table.

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One of the many Archetypes in the game are Frogs. They've been around for quite some time, starting off as one of the best FTK engines before turning into a Control-centric one. Due to the vast variety of playstyles that Frogs have access to, there are plenty of Frog cards in the game to support each one. Some Frogs were used as simple engines while others are used in dedicated Frog decks.

10. Unifrog

Yugioh unifrog art and text

Unifrog is one of the earliest cards in the game, with its only printing in 2008's Light Of Destruction. It has low stats, with 400 Attack and Defense, but the tradeoff is that it has solid effects.

While its offensive and defensive capabilities are low, Unifrog can attack the opponent directly. When Unifrog successfully attacks directly, so long as you control another Frog (except for another copy of Unifrog or Frog The Jam) you can destroy an opponent's Spell or Trap card. This can greatly help to easily get rid of problem Floodgates while dealing a bit of damage to the opponent.

9. Des Frog

Yugioh des frog art and text

Des Frog can easily flood the field with extra copies of itself thanks to its effect. When Des Frog is Tribute Summoned, you can Special Summon more Des Frogs from your deck equal to the number of T.A.D.P.O.L.E.(s) in the Graveyard.

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When three Des Frogs are on the field, they can utilize one of the best field wipes in the game, Des Croaking. As long as you control three Des Frogs, Des Croaking can destroy all cards the opponent controls. This doesn't target, which is one of the best kinds of removal.

8. Tradetoad

Yugioh tradetoad art and text

Tradetoad is a reference to another Frog Monster but is still a solid card in its own right. Once per turn, Tradetoad allows you to Tribute any Aqua-Type Monster in order to Special Summon a Frog Monster from the Graveyard (except Frog The Jam).

Tradetoad's effect is only a soft once per turn, meaning it can use its effect again if it ever leaves the field and returns, or another copy is on the field. While it's a one for one trade, multiple Frog Monsters have effects that activate either in the Graveyard or when its sent there, allowing Tradetoad to loop those effects.

7. Flip Flop Frog

Yugioh flip flop frog art and text

Flip Flop Frog has the potential to be one of the best ways to remove Monsters from the field. When it's flipped face-up, Flip Flop Frog can return Monsters your opponent controls to the hand, equal to the number of Frog Monsters you control (except Frog The Jam).

Not only is this a powerful effect, but it doesn't target or destroy either. This means that the opponent has to pre-emptively chain their cards to the effect if they want to use them before they get bounced back to the hand. It can even flip itself face-down, meaning it can easily re-use its effect.

6. Treeborn Frog

Yugioh treeborn frog art and text

Back in the day, Treeborn Frog was one of the most played Monsters in the game. It was essentially a recurring Monster for free Tribute fodder. It was most frequently played in early Monarch decks, since those all needed a Monster to Tribute Summon.

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During your Standby Phase, as long as you don't have any Spell or Trap cards on the field, it can Special Summon itself back to the field. While its prime was in the earlier days, with Link Summoning Treeborn Frog is still solid in the modern game.

5. Dupe Frog

Yugioh dupe frog art and text

Dupe Frog is an amazing card that's a staple in every Frog deck. On the field, it's treated as Des Frog, but this effect is minor. Its real effect is its ability to search. When Dupe Frog is sent to the Graveyard from the field, you can add any Frog Monster from your deck to the hand.

Frog decks send Monsters to the Graveyard frequently, meaning Dupe Frog is going to be resolving quite a bit. This effect isn't once per turn either, meaning you can continuously use it with no cooldown.

4. Ronintoadin

Yugioh ronintoadin art and text

Ronintoading can't be used as Synchro Material and is treated as Des Frog while on the field. These effects are minor, especially since Frogs don't use Synchro Monsters. Its real effect is its ability to Banish a Frog Monster from the Graveyard to Special Summon itself.

This allows Ronintoadin to continuously Special Summon itself back to the field to help with Link Climbing and Xyz Summoning. It was a major part of the Frog FTK as well, and one of the cards that enabled it. Ronintoadin is still amazing in modern Frog decks too.

3. Swap Frog

Yugioh swap frog art and text

Swap Frog is one of the main reasons the Frog Archetype is as good as it is. You can Special Summon it by discarding any Water Monster. When it's Summoned, you can send a Frog card from the deck to the Graveyard.

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Since so many Frogs like being in the Graveyard, this effect is great. You can also return Swap Frog to the hand in order to get an extra Normal Summon of any Frog Monster (except itself). Since its first effect isn't once per turn, it can be triggered twice thanks to its second effect while setting up combos for Link and Xyz plays.

2. Substitoad

Yugioh substitoad art and text

Substitoad is the only Frog Monster in the game that's banned, and that was due to how easily it enabled FTKs. By Tributing any Monster on the field, you could Special Summon any Frog Monster from the deck.

This effect wasn't once per turn, so Substitoad could keep Tributing Monsters in order to search out more and Tribute those off for burn effects with cards like Mass Driver and Canon Soldier. Ronintoadin would constantly revive itself with cards Tributed by Substitoad, and that's what created the Frog FTK and made it so consistent.

1. Toadally Awesome

Yugioh toadally awesome art and text

Toadally Awesome is one of the best Xyz Monsters ever, and one of the reasons Frogs are still able to compete. It requires two Level Two Aqua Monsters as materials.

During each Standby Phase, you can detach a material to Special Summon a Frog Monster from the deck. In addition, whenever a Spell or Trap card or Monster Effect is activated, Toadally Awesome allowed you to Tribute an Aqua Monster from the hand or field to negate and destroy it. The negated card could then be Set to your side of the field. As if that wasn't enough great effects, if Toadally Awesome is sent to the Graveyard you can add any Water Monster there and return it to the hand, including itself.


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